Deepin 15: A Beautifully Crafted Linux Distribution for Everyone

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Jesse Afolabi

I am an aspiring Linux Engineer, a tech writer on thedroidreview and tecmint, I also love to dance and you can find me on YouTube - be sure to subscribe.

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20 Responses

  1. sukarof says:

    I’ve been using Deepin 15.7 for a week. I fell in love instantly. The absolute most beautiful DE in my opinion. I come from Linux Mint and it differs a bit. Its not as easy to work from the terminal, many of the lines from tutorials just dont work in Deepin.

    Like when trying to install extra codecs so you can get Vivaldi browser to show videos in Facebook och Netflix. Usually you just write “sudo apt update && sudo apt install fsearch-trunk” but it wont work in deepin. adding repositories gives message like: “Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

    Even though I just cant stop using this beautiful and fast distro (I just use firefox instead of Vivaldi).

    • Ravi Saive says:


      Same here, I have been using Linux Mint since last 5 years, last month I swithced to Deepin 15.7 and fall in love with UI, and most importantly the speed the Deepin provides is awesome.

  2. Charlie says:

    Beautiful OS but it is from CHINA! I would rather the NSA watch me than CHINESE Nationals possibly controlling my machine. I have nothing to hide so OS from US is always the best. Look around the world…Apple MAC OSX, Microsoft Windows, etc are all US made and created used globally – even the Chinese.

    Chinese aims to be like US at everything to the point they created cities to look like US cities, they dye their hair, copy iPhones, trying to create Hollywood like in China, copy Air Jordans, etc – It’s the copy cat center of the Universe. The only problem is that Chinese people will always look Chinese – not European or Anglos.

    • innn says:

      Hey dude, you showed yourself as nationalist in your outcry. scared in case some other countries could provide value as well? should one refrain himself from using this chinese creation just because you are doing it, just because apple, microsoft already provide software that already many are using? in case no one on this site noticed your scare brought you at the end of your rant deep into racism. Believe me there is no problem that chinese look different than …anglos. go now and don’t ever again sin.

      • ve says:

        I’d rather the Chinese watch me. I’ve never heard of China doing overseas renditions, but the Americans regularly do it. I am on the opposite spectrum from you. i have nothing to hide from China, but my values do regularly differ from the west, and the west did say either you’re with us or against us.

        I am definitely not with them. I hope in the future the Chinese can create an os from scratch to prevent any inference or “watching” from the west like this Ubuntu based os, and all other operating systems including android, osx, windows, etc. the world needs an alternative. it’s sad China isn’t doing more.

      • Bernard Leroy says:

        I am quite of your opinion, the Americans copies as well.

    • sandyfrench says:

      God Charlie…. your post is one of the most ridiculous posts I have ever read…. anywhere. I take it you don’t get out much. Maybe you should.

  3. Peter in Seattle says:

    I’ve installed Deepin 15.2 in VirtualBox on Windows 7. Has anyone figured out how to get the VirtualBox Linux guest additions installed in Deepin? With Linux Mint and Ubuntu, I didn’t have to do anything, so either they got installed automatically or they were included in the distro. With PCLinuxOS I think I had to manually run and agree to supersede existing (non-functional) additions “installed via another method” or something like that. With KaOS, I succeeded in getting them installed, but I don’t remember how. With Deepin … nothing doing. Any tips would be appreciated; being stuck with the wrong screen size and no access to shared Windows folders is no fun, even just for a trial run.

    By the way, update and software downloads are indeed dramatically slower than with other distros. The distro is attractive and seems well thought-out at first blush, but if Deepin can’t get hosting on some reliable high-speed mirrors and the slow-download problem persists, it could be a deal-breaker.

  4. loki says:

    I’m in love with deepin truly takes Linux to a new age, my only problems with it the slow updates even I changed the mirror (most of mirrors are timeout or slow or medium ) non of them gave me my actual internet speed.

    The second problem is the deepin store it doesn’t show any images of the application and the download speed is also too slow it’s like 25-50 kb/sec and it supposed to be 1.25 m/sec. hope they fix it quickly because it’s really nice OS

  5. Gustavo says:

    Hi, I used Deepin last year but i take off because the problems beginning deepin 15, but after they solve the problem i would try to install but the installation process come down because can’t write on the hard disk…

    I think may be my hark disk have defects but initially i had only deepin 14, now i have W7 and Crunchbang++ waiting to change my notebook hard disk.

    • Jesse says:

      i dont suppose your disk has any issue since you’re currently running Win 7 and Crunchbang without any problems….earlier versions of Deepin 14 were known to have issues so it’s most likely the reason why….Deepin 15 on the other is alot more stable …. so you probably should give it another shot..

  6. peter says:

    This looks what i would expect the child of OS X and Win10 would look like

  7. Gong Sheng says:

    Remenber this is a Linux distro from CHINA.
    No one knows whether it watches over what we do,say and thought.
    I hope you could learn the lesson from Red Flag Linux.
    I would never trust it.

  8. Platypus says:

    I’ve used Deepin for the past few versions. Your comment about instability it correct. When the stable releases comes out I always avoid them because quality control checks are not good. There is ALWAYS stability issues and bugs. With regard to DI 15.0 it was just a few days later that 15.1 was released. I still use 14.3 on my desktop and quite frankly I am reluctant to upgrade to 15.1 because my current Ubuntu version works well for me. I have 15.1 running on an old notebook computer with mixed results (screen display issues). Once Deepin fixes the bugs I have found Deepin to be stable and one of my favourite distros. There are many, many things to like about it.Many if the little touches puts it way above others. It is truly a modern desktop unlike the XP styles of many others.

    • Jesse says:

      yes certainly Deepin is a great distro and that instlbility issue mostly applies to more than a few operating systems with a first point release…however, i found Deepin 15 to be extremely stable and almost bug free and the experience will mostly vary with differnt hardware which explains why you had a problem with your notebook computer …if you’re looking to upgrade, i’d advise that you tried the live system with your main hardware and see how well it runs..

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