ReactOS The Perfect Windows Alternate – Review and Installation

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Jesse Afolabi

I am an aspiring Linux Engineer, a tech writer on thedroidreview and tecmint, I also love to dance and you can find me on YouTube - be sure to subscribe.

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43 Responses

  1. Dean Beedell says:

    For your information the o/s is not called React it is simply ReactOS all one word.

  2. mARCO IEZZI says:

    Honestly I expected more from this review.

    You neglected the most important thing ! DRIVERS !!!


    Linux sucks because all the hardware I need has no drivers, that’s why I ll never use it.

    • Johannes says:

      Most Windows I tested don’t work properly. Reactos still is incredibly unstable and I have given up the hope that this might change.

      As for Linux drivers, I am a happy Linux user for 20 years. And most of my hardware runs just fine out of the box with Linux. Even old hardware that new Windows versions don’t support anymore works still nicely under Linux, such as my scanner which I got for 15 bucks off ebay, because you can’t use it with Windows anymore.

      Some bleeding edge hardware may cause difficulties because manufacturers keep their code secret. That’s not the fault of the Linux developers but of those manufacturers.

  3. me says:

    Might want to give this a try, it can help you setup ReactOS Network/Display support in VirtualBox:

    • Johannes says:

      Setting up ReactOS on VirtualBox is the easy part, because that’s how most people “use” it. VBox is pretty standardized, for the ReactOS devs it is a predictable target, which is why it installs easiest and runs best on VBox. Getting it to run on real hardware is the challenge.

  4. Ryan says:

    Yes, there are other free projects out there, Johannes. They are also mainly Linux derivatives. ReactOS is not Linux.

    • Johannes says:

      If you count in FreeWin95, then Linux itself, which is a replication of another commercial OS, is just five years older. Linux began in 1991 and FreeWin95 in 1996. But in terms of maturity and stability, ROS is trailing behind far far more.

      Today, Linux is absolutely ubiquitous. It is in every router, most smartphones, even my TV and my radios run on Linux and just about every server out there in the Internet. And while smartphones are relatively new, Linux was already immensely widely used when it was as old as ROS is today. So I wouldn’t say that it is by necessity that OS projects need decades to emerge from pre alpha stage.

      Sure, one should not forget that Linus was able to rely on the GNU project which already had replicated a good part of the Unix environment before he started so that it had an additional head start. But even when Linux was just ten years old (which was about the time when I started using it), it was far far more mature and stable than Linux is today.

      Again, the ROS crowd are free to spend their time on whatever they choose. I am not complaining. I just think that any reassurance that “once Reactos will be stable for production, it will change the OS market” is a pipe dream. Windows has been and continues to be evolving quite a bit since XP (where ROS hasn’t even arrived at). Saying that a stable ROS will be out “soon” sounds like saying that The HURD will be ready soon or that Jesus is coming real soon now, and that the next doomsday prediction is definitely the right one. We all know it is not going to happen. Let’s be real.

  5. Bas vanHeel-Roseboom says:

    BSOD back? lol!

  6. Oanthata Kealeboga says:

    The idea is good but the execution is quite off… They have focused on the Interface of Windows rather than the back-end. The folder structure is different hence most programs wont install if you download them from a Windows Machine.

    Hence you can only download from their repository. So its really still Linux with a Windows Front-end. Its quite cool though. They will however need to work faster as Microsoft has rumors of making an Open Source version of their OS.

  7. Tom2 says:

    If the Reactos team were not there, and doing what they are doing, then who will?

    How can anyone criticize a free (in development) os? It started 20 years ago..yes. But they are still there, even after all the tech changes and Internet explosion, in the meantime.

    I suspect when/if Reactos is finally released, (stable) it will be a serious challenger in the os world. And will not be playing catch-up.

    Can they do it? I believe Windows 10 has given them a chance. My opinion only.

  8. Maurice says:

    When I tried installing Reactos 0.4.3 in a virtual machine using VirtualBox under Windows XP SP3, I obtained a blue screen when booting up Reactos after the installation had finished.

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