Deal: The Complete Android Developer Course – Build The Next Instagram or Uber

With Android the most popular operating system owning 80% of market share on mobile platforms today, there is an increasing demand for Android app developers all over the World.

The Complete Android Developer Course
The Complete Android Developer Course

Have you been dreaming of becoming an app developer on the Android platform for personal use or for business companies, organizations or just for public use, then The $17 Complete Android Developer Course is here for you to kick start that ambition, brought to you at an amazing 91% off by Tecmint Deals.

There are 14 hands-on app development projects with up to 31+ hours of training for you to undertake in the Complete Android Developer Course to help you become an expert Android apps developer. Gain the major skills required for making your dream apps and how to promote them app on Google play.

There are highly-rated tutorials from re-known and experienced instructor Rob Percival that will prepare you to code on Google’s new Android platform, Android M.

You will start by building simple apps such as a currency converter and the likes using Android Studio, then proceed to building Uber and Instagram clones to boost your confidence along the way.

After becoming fluent with features such as Android Permissions and Android Pay, you are then expected to explore the future of wearable computing, Android wear.

Building great apps is not the only thing to gaining from your coding skills, but how to get your app to be used by millions of people in the market is another, and all this is included in The Complete Android Developer Course.

You will learn of different ways to promote you app on Google play and also how to use Google ads to generate revenue.

All that said, join The $17 Complete Android Developer Course today at a 91% off courtesy of Tecmint Deals and start your journey to a bright coding future on the Android platform.

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  1. I’m very interest on this course.. I’m about to join the course, but my debit card was declined.. I don’t know why.. I hope I can get it next time with this price :) have a nice day!!


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