11 Awesome Linux T-Shirts for Every System Administrator

Here in TecMint, we have been posting many articles about Linux system administration as well as tips and tricks how to improve your Linux skills. We have talked about different tools and software that the system administrators can use, but we have never talked about their dress code.

Linux SysAdmin T-Shirts

Linux SysAdmin T-Shirts

No, this article will not be about coding dresses, however, we will show you 11 Linux t-shirts that will make a system administrator to look better, fun and knowledgeable. I promise that the t-shirts that you will see below will make you want to have each one of them.

1. sudo rm -rf Don’t Drink And Root T-Shirt

One of the most destructive commands in Linux is sudo rm -rf that is if you run it within important directories on your system and specify vital files as arguments.

Linux sudo rm -rf T-Shirt

Linux sudo rm -rf T-Shirt

The information printed on this t-shirt actually sends out a preventive message to system administrators, reminding them to always be sober while administrating a Linux system to avoid executing harmful commands or tasks that can lead to system breakdown.

2. System Administrator Linux Beer Coffee T-Shirt

Although system administrators are not expected to drink beer while working, you can have cups of coffee during short work breaks. Then reach out for one or two bottles of beer in the evening after work to kill off the stress.

System Administrator Linux Beer Coffee Tshirt

System Administrator Linux Beer Coffee Tshirt

But remember, system administrators do not actually get off work because you are expected to be constantly responsible for the smooth operations of computer systems and possibly networks, therefore do not get drunk on Unix/Linux beer.

3. That’s Why I Love Linux T-Shirt

Linux is known to have certain funny and interesting commands, you may have probably used some of them and they made you gain extra love for Linux apart from its functional features.

Check out the this great t-shit that will make you laugh, that is if you know what I mean.

That's Why I Love Linux T-Shirt

That’s Why I Love Linux T-Shirt

4. Linux System Engineer Full Time T-Shirt

Are you a Linux system engineer? Then walk with your title on your chest and let the whole world appreciate your knowledge and skills.

Linux System Engineer Full Time T-Shirt

Linux System Engineer Full Time T-Shirt

5. CafePress – Debian Linux – Dark T-Shirt

Debian Linux is the most popular Linux distribution with several derivatives such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint and many other. Therefore, express your love for Debian Linux with this lovely product.

CafePress Debian Linux Dark T-Shirt

CafePress Debian Linux Dark T-Shirt

6. Kali Linux Hacking & Security T-Shirt

Kali Linux is the best hacking and penetration testing operating system as of now. Are you are Linux security expert using Kali Linux for penetration testing or hacking purposes? Then show your pride in working with the best hacking and security operating system.

Kali Linux Hacking & Security T-Shirt

Kali Linux Hacking & Security T-Shirt


When you are tired, just go home and rest, because there is no place like home, where you can have all the freedom and space to relax.



8. Keep Calm and Use Linux T-Shirt

Many people actually operate a Linux system because they can, possibly not because they want to. In that case, just keep calm and continue using Linux.

Keep Calm and Use Linux T-Shirt

Keep Calm and Use Linux T-Shirt

9. CafePress Linux CentOS Dark T-Shirt

CentOS is a great Linux distribution especially for setting up enterprise level servers. Many companies prefer to use CentOS server edition sighting its security and stability as significant properties for enterprise level deployment.

Are you a CentOS Linux server system administrator, then get yourself this great t-shirt.

CafePress Linux CentOS Dark T-Shirt

CafePress Linux CentOS Dark T-Shirt

10. Be Cool Use Linux T-Shirt

If you are running Linux on your machine, then you are probably a cool guy out there. So tell others to be cool like you and use Linux.

Be Cool Use Linux T-Shirt

Be Cool Use Linux T-Shirt

11. Sudo Make Me A Sandwich T-Shirt

Linux is filled with many commands and some commands needs to be executed as root user in order to work successfully. If you try to execute those commands without specifying “sudo” beginning of the command, then they don’t work because of lack of security privileges.

So, in this T-Shirt, one person trying to order other person to “make him a sandwich”, and the other person declines to do, until the first person issues “sudo”, after that the second person has no option but to agree.

Sudo Make Me A Sandwich T-Shirt

Sudo Make Me A Sandwich T-Shirt

Sometimes you need to dress for the job, it may not actually have any significance or impact on your actual day to day tasks as a system administrator, nevertheless, it expresses your affiliation to a given community.

For this reason, you can get your self one or two if not all of these t-shirts and express your love for Linux and let the world recognize your expertize.

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