Zorin OS 7 Released – A Ultimate Linux Desktop with Windows 7 Feel

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Pungki Arianto

Currently I am a Linux/Unix administrator. But I also play Windows both in server and desktop area. Interested in information technology, information security and writing.

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20 Responses

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  2. ao says:

    is it 100% compatible with win 7?

    • Pungki Arianto says:

      I am not really understand what is your question :-)

      Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, which is a different OS from Microsoft Windows. Some of Windows application may be running on Zorin OS using an emulator such as PlayOnLinux (http://zorin-os.com/windowsprogramguide.html).

      But if you mean about the experience of using Zorin OS, I think it different for every person. For me, the experience of using Zorin on my daily jobs is very close to the experience of using Windows 7.

  3. I tried Zorin on my laptop recently. Its interface is nice and really similar to windows, however I experienced some graphical glitches or problems with the distro. Maybe its because of the drivers for my graphic card but I didn’t find it quite as stable as Ubuntu.

  4. Mridul Sonowal (Guwahati, Assam, India) says:

    Last Week I collect the Zorin-os 6 and install in my Laptop. Superb it is allmost look like windows and user friendly. Most of customers ask me (I am Service & Support Provider of IT Sector) have any low cost OS and Office for professional use ? Because MS Windows and MS Office very high cost professional version, most of customer cannot afford it. I give them Ubuntu Os but they cannot use this easily. But Zorin-os solved this problem. I am already install and trained some my customes and they satisfied and happy with Zorin-os and Libra office also. Very Very thanks to Zorin-os team. But i am feel some problem installation and operation of Tally ERP9 Software. It is most popular accounting software in India. Wine soft i use for it some issue is there. Again thanks Zorin-on.

  5. I will purchase this because of your good suggestion.

  6. John Stoeffler says:

    Hi ,

    Have been a Windows user since 3.0 when I got my first computer and have never been challenged by a windows machine. I also build and refurb systems, (mostly Dells) pretty consistently I have been very bothered by the price and restriction of the OS.
    Don’t get me wrong, if anything is well authored and properly documented the author deserves what he can sell the item for.
    Zorin has pretty much blown me away. One of the main reasons I have stayed with Windows is the ability to run Text to Speech and Speech activated and controlled (dictation) software like Dragon Naturally Speaking (pro, preferred, and other upper line versions.
    But they are strict and just just mean about their licensing. Have you thought of making that a part of Zorin? If you could incorporate it as a plugin or upgrade to Zorin you would easily grab a large part of the user market. Especially someone like me who has M.S. and typing and system control are problematic at times due to my condition.
    Not to mention that the user base world wide of senior and elderly is growing immensely.
    Marketing wise, it seems to me to be the final thing that could push a Linux OS into prominence in the market. If it could be delivered at a reasonable price (NOT necessarily free :-)
    It could be the one big feature that separated Zorin from the rest and make it a must have OS for todays market of users, especially infirmed and or elderly. If it had the look and familiarity of Windows and the functionality of speech in Windows 7 and up you could dominate the market.
    Hey not so silly as Adobe’s first unique offerings/feature that allowed the rest of their success was basically a font manipulator Postscript and some unique fonts (that barely anyone can remember today. But it allowed them to set their name in desktop publishing Pagemaker, Premier, Illustrator, and so on to their prominence today and hold on the DTP and related markets.
    With Google offering their voice to text library (or so I heard) and the open source folks starting to get on to developing it, it sounds like the thing the like with Zorin could jump you to prominence in the desktop and enterprise market acceptance over Windows rather quickly.
    Now, wouldn’t the addition of voice would also allow you to be offering Zorin as a premium over the Linux open source regulations now allowing you to charge something for the value added feature? Just a thought. Write back and we can talk about this some other time.

    Now can you tell me where I can get or see about the other versions of ultimate I see mentioned (and their features)? Business, Multimedia, __?__ ? and let me know how I can order and “donate” for those?
    John S.
    Don’t publish my email and contact into that I will write back to you if you want to correspond more,

    (Oh and Adobe also offered PDF reader for free as another step on their way to success.. it was really I think the first widely accepted spyware :-)

  7. Pungki Arianto says:

    Hi Furqan,

    Based on my experience, I found no problem about drivers in Zorin since it based on Ubuntu. Zorin comes with LibreOffice. But we change it with free version of KingSoft Office.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t try install Adobe Photoshop here. If you really need Adobe Photoshop, you may purchase it and install it under PlayOnLinux software which is available in Zorin.

    You may want to read How to install software in Zorin OS from http://zorin-os.com/packageguide.html

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