5 Reasons Why I Hate GNU/Linux – Do You Hate (Love) Linux?

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77 Responses

  1. ZD says:

    Alright Pajeet, looks like you’re going to need to outsource your editing to the U.S.
    My god, this was an atrociously-written article.

  2. kubajski says:

    1. You are right distribution fan.

    2. Really. (Natron, Lightworks, Open Scad, Blender) Yes I am aware of the problem output file standards that are closed and proprietary that makes them incompatible with open source programs.

    It doesn’t mean you cant use Linux as professional video audio or architecture creating kit. And i have no problem with android devices on my Linux sorry.

    3. Its a problem of a user and individuals with self-esteem trying to build up their ego in general not an OS it self.

    4. I do not remember when I was forced to have to compile something from scratch. Yes compilation can be time consuming on older machines. And if you have old computer and you want it to be relatively you go minimal install and do much by hand as you are able to.

    It may be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the ones point of view

    5. I have to kill noting to install my proprietary drivers i been only forced to uninstall the open source ones. But yes the graphic could be a pain i the on Linux, and about manual work Please see point four of this comment.

  3. Jirka says:

    I like Linux because: more things are for free:

    1. You can make your own distribution
    2. Problem with linuxers is problem with user no with Linux
    3. Photoshop support, if do you call them “i have Linux version of Photoshop and I have problem.” They can’t Tell you: Have you got linux? F**k you.

    Sorry for the grammatical errors. I’m not Englishman

  4. Zuhayer Tahir says:

    good points raised.

  5. Baagad Billa says:

    I recently started working as a programmer in a team where they use linux on development machines. Just searched for “linux sucks” because I am tired sick of the lintard attitude.

    While I have worked with Linux, I have not used it as a primary development machine. I have worked with linux on servers. And I am willing to learn to use it on Desktop. I can get my way around better than the average programmer.

    Apart from missing the regularly used apps on Windows, I find linux versions of the same windows applications are ugly. Lets say I get used to it. At the end of the day, I want my code to work, and I can ignore the inconvenience of using Linux UI on Desktop.

    Still, the biggest bother is the high horse attitude of some members of my team who are linux fanboys or lintards or whatever. Seems like knowing a few commands on Linux makes them smarter than me or anyone else. They make me feel that I do not know anything if I get stuck with this stupid linux environment (.profile, .bash profile, .bashrc, /etc/environment — all these are startup scripts or properties files. Really ?!! ). I am in this constant struggle to prove my worth. It gets depressing sometimes. I would rather work with a team of normal programmers than lintards.

    And guess what? we write java code ! And at the end of the day , I can write it better than many lintards anyway.

    • Ravi Saive says:


      Thanks for sharing your story, but to be fact Linux is vast like Ocean, which doesn’t have end point, same way no one will be expert or smarter, as its has endless things to do…So don’t get disappoint, there are people who treat himself has masters by learning few basic commands….keep learning..

      • Baagad Billa says:

        Thanks. I understand. I dont hate or love any OS. At the end of the day , I am paid to write code and get it working. Whatever makes my job faster gets my vote and my wallet.

        But what is it with Linuxers and their superiority attitude.. come on lintards, it is just another OS being given away for free for two decades and still does not have even 10% of market share on desktops!! If it is such a great OS, how come even MacOS which is not free has a greater market share ??

        • Ravi Saive says:


          Your question is valid, but to be fact I really don’t have answer for this, it’s all depend on individual choice when selecting operating systems. I know that Windows and MacOS has greater market share than Linux, but I think due to complexity of Linux and CLI version makes difficult for newbies to adopt it….

  6. Baagad Billa says:

    Agree about the point 3. Gets on my nerves. Just cant stand the Lintards who think they have better technical knowledge, intelligence etc than me if they can recall a few obscure terminal commands.

  7. Earl Parker II says:

    I started with computing in 1981 with DOS 6.0. I’ve used every version of Windows, personally and professionally, since Windows 3.1. I’ve also used Linux, personally and professionally, since the year 2000. Bottom line, I’m pretty well versed in both operating systems. I can honestly say that, as an operating system, Windows is just a crude little toy compared to Linux.

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