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XFCE Desktop Installation Guide for Linux Mint 14

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XFCE is lightweight Desktop Environment for Unix-like Operating System. it’s meant for low resources system. In Linux Mint 13, there was Xfce Desktop in addition to ‘Mate‘ and ‘Cinnamon ‘ and the same is not available in Linux Mint 14. This short guide shows you how to install Xfce Desktop environment in Linux Mint 14.

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Installation of XFCE Desktop in Linux Mint 14

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager (Menu >> Administration >> Synaptic Package Manager).

Synaptic Package Manager

Open Synaptic Package Manager

2. Type your password.

Synaptic Package Manager Password

Enter Password for Synaptic Package Manager

3. Search xfce4 and Mark for Installation in the Menu.

Search for xfce

Select xfce4 for Installation

4. Accept dependencies and click apply the changes.

xfce dependency packages

Select XFCE Dependency Packages

5. Required packages are being downloaded.

xfce packages downloading

Downloading XFCE Packages

6. Installing packages.

xfce package installation

Installing Packages

7. Changes applied click on close.

xfce changes applied

Successfully Applied XFCE Changes

8. Logout from current desktop.

Linux Mint 14 Login Screen

Linux Mint 14 Login Screen

9. Linux Mint Login Screen.

Select xfce Session

Choose XFCE Session

10. Click on Session and choose XFCE Session and Login with user credential.

Set xfce default desktop

Make XFCE Default Desktop

11. Later on you will be asked if you want Xfce for current session or make it default Desktop.

Set XFCE Default Desktop

Make XFCE Default Desktop

12. Here is how Xfce Desktop looks like.

XFCE Desktop Screen

XFCE Desktop Screen

How to Remove XFCE from Linux Mint 14

If in case you didn’t like xfce desktop and want to remove it completely, then use the following command.

$ sudo apt-get autoremove xubuntu-desktop

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