Linux /etc/mtab File

Understanding The /etc/mtab File in Linux System

In this article, we will explore the /etc/mtab file on a Linux system and understand the various parameters and directives included therein. What is /etc/mtab File in Linux The /etc/mtab file is a file

Install Headless Linux Server

How to Install and Set Up Headless Linux Server

A vast majority of Linux users are familiar with a Linux desktop PC which provides a graphical environment with which you can interact with the system. However, unlike a Linux desktop, a headless server

Find Parent Process PID in Linux

How to Find Parent Process PPID in Linux

Every time a program is executed, the kernel creates a process associated with the program. Simply put, a process is a running instance of a program in Linux. The process created by the kernel

Fedora Desktop Screen Sharing

How to Share Your Gnome Desktop Screen in Fedora

At some point, you might need to share the Fedora desktop screen (GNOME) desktop with other users for one reason or the other. There are multiple remote desktop-sharing applications that can help you achieve

Best Slack Alternatives

22 Best Slack Alternatives for Team Chat [Free & Paid]

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Install PostgreSQL with pgAdmin4 on Linux Mint

How to Install PostgreSQL with pgAdmin4 on Linux Mint 21/20

pgAdmin is an open-source feature-rich, frontend management tool that allows you to easily administer and manage your PostgreSQL relational database from a web browser. It provides an easy-to-use user interface that simplifies the creation

Best SSL Certificate Authorities

11 Best Free and Low-Cost SSL Certificate Authorities

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Best Java IDEs

Best Java IDE’s for Linux Developers

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