8 Best Video Editing Softwares I Discovered for Linux

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Marin Todorov

I am a bachelor in computer science and a Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. Currently working as a Senior Technical support in the hosting industry. In my free time I like testing new software and inline skating.

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39 Responses

  1. Bhanu Stark says:

    Great List, but Can any software compete Adobe After Effects?

    • Kris says:

      Until the day that Adobe After Effects starts working on Linux, ANY other one not only can complete with it, but beats it. Any one! Because on Linux. And if you remove Linux from this question, then you will be discussing a different question entirely.

      Personally, I would like to have Linux version of After Effects, or Premiere, I would pay for it. But they aren’t interested in me being interested.

    • Jack B says:

      I want a simple editor for Linux which joins different video clips together without much complications or other fancy stuff.

      Which one do you folks recommend?

  2. Win master says:

    One of the Best video Cutting Softwares which I know are:

    1. Easy Video Splitter
    2. Free Video Cutter
    3. Free Video Cutter Expert
    4. Video Cutter Max
    5. Free Video Cutter Joiner

  3. G says:

    Why there is Blender on this list?

  4. John CG says:

    For some reason all linux video editors, except one, don’t work with my computer screen capture video formats or my dashcam video format.I have been using AviDemux for many years to splice my videos for work.

  5. denniz says:

    no flowblade?

  6. Levis Raju says:

    DaVinci Resolve is free out there for linux

  7. It is hard to understand why Shotcut is not among the 8 best Linux editing software packages. It is easy to learn and it’s editing capacities are good. The only minus is that it is not very stable if you do something wrong. I have used it quite a lot to edit my home videos.

    • beerbaron23 says:

      It’s not because of what you actually said, Open Shot crashes more than any other program I have used on Linux and I kept giving it chances due to people pushing it. But I’ve lost one too many chunks of work that were unrecoverable.

      In my opinion, a program that can’t even keep itself running has no business being in contender here, which will include those editors based on the MLT Multimedia Framework. So I’m never touching Open Shot, Shot Cut or KdenLive for 3-5 years as a personal penalty hahaha

      So I will now make due with Avidemux, Cinelerra, and Lightworks when I’m on Linux

      • Robert Weigel says:

        I’m confused why you say not touching Shotcut. I’ve not had it crash yet I think. Very happy with it. Openshot was a regular crashes.

        • beerbaron23 says:

          I’m glad you didn’t run into any problems, but when you’re working on a single project that had a deadline, losing it due to a crash is unacceptable in my opinion. Although I should have tested the program out a bit first before I trusted it on my part…

  8. Sanjay says:

    I am using open shot, its good but no like FCP or Adobe product, I know creating a product like FCP is a tough job, but one day we will have a product like FCP, because Linux is now everywhere …

    • Robert Weigel says:

      Kris nailed it below. Shotcut is a bomb :-). No more crashes. It rips. stuff responds generally FAST instead of delays while things try to catch up when you move things. AND you can actually tell where you are cutting audio!

      On openshot there would always be big sync issues and sometimes it would actually compile with repeated words etc.! Totally unacceptable quality outcome and the constant crashing issues if you like let the video play to the end for instance…locks up the whole computer and you lose whatever you didn’t save. No such issues with shotcut yet! I’m very happy with it.

    • beerbaron23 says:

      Lightworks on Linux can keep up with FCPX and Premiere, so you do have a professional option.

      The thing is that you can only add so many features to these video editors that are in the lead (FCPX and Premiere) until they add useless features or bloat up the program. This is usually when an alternative on Linux has a chance to catch up (or any program).

      Me personally, I’m just waiting till Lightroom stagnates and Darktable catches up so I can switch over :P

  9. Kris says:

    IMHO right now the best choice for Linux is Shotcut – I am working tones of projects on it. When it crashes, it has GREAT recovery. Doesn’t matter if you saved or not.

    • Robert Weigel says:

      I owe you one Kris. Shotcut has been working fantastic once I figured out the peculiarities. You have to drag to JOIN segments initially…then you can overlap it like in video pad for cross fades with out hassle. love that. Irritating it slaps you back where the cursor was after you do that. lol.. but otherwise no gripes so far (I said grips before…haha…no we don’t need grips…not that big of a production :-) )

  10. Robert Weigel says:

    Openshot after evaluating the other easily accessible ones (ie. blender is complex…I wanted something like videopad for crying out loud that I don’t have to learn for a month or two) was the only one I got working on mint 17.

    HOWEVER IT CRASHES OFTEN and WHEN it crashes you are back to your last project save (and often it crashes my whole computer when i let the video play to the END of a clip!! Like somewhere along the line someone forgot to define the end of the clip and it wanders off into uncharted memory or something!!)

    I’m really looking for something better…. or for it to be fixed.

    • Robert Weigel says:

      PS further grips, I get click pop in track transitions sometimes and bad lip sync has occurred in the result video AND while editing. Or repeated words.

      Just goofy stuff like that…I mean how can a frag of the audio track repeat? How’s that even possible?

    • Robert Weigel says:

      PS I forgot to mention it’d be nice if they had a profile you can save for the codec settings etc. Having to re-enter every time for custom settings is a pain

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