Install WordPress on RHEL 8

How to Install WordPress on RHEL 8 with Apache

WordPress is an immensely popular CMS (Content Management System) that accounts for nearly 43% of all the websites according to From powering high-traffic sites such as eCommerce, and news websites to simple blogs,

Install WordPress in Ubuntu

How to Install WordPress Ubuntu Using LAMP Stack

For those who cannot afford the hustles of developing websites from scratch, there are now several content management systems (CMSs) such as WordPress that you can take advantage of to set up blogs as

Install LAMP on Rocky Linux

How to Install LAMP Stack on Rocky Linux 8

LAMP is a popular stack used in development circles for hosting both static and dynamic web applications. It’s an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL (or MariaDB) & PHP. Notably, it comprises the Apache web

Install Varnish Cache On CentOS 7 for Apache

How to Speed Up Apache with Varnish Cache on CentOS 7

Varnish Cache (commonly known as Varnish), is an open-source, popular reverse-proxy HTTP accelerator intended for speeding up web servers. It is engineered for excessively utilized API endpoints and also for dynamic sites that serve