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Linux is a religion of ours and Sysadmins are the priests. We the followers are always keen to know tips, tricks, hacks and stories of other Experienced Linux users, administrators or engineers. Most of us come across something new which is lesser known and interesting enough to be shared, at some point of time.

Tecmint is taking initiative (the first of its kind) to share your stories to millions of online users across the globe. Your stories will be published in your own words with your name and pictures at TecMint.

Why You should send us your Stories?

Tecmint is a brand, best known for publishing high quality Linux Howto’s, Guides and Tips about Linux and marked by thousands of online readers everyday. We have been working for the Linux community for a long time. Your stories on Tecmint will get a very large readership that is global. You will be famous on a reputed site and thereafter worldwide. A chance of global exposure you won’t like to miss.

What you will Get?

Your story will serve as an inspiration to others. You never know that yours story can change the thinking and life of others. So what you get? A feeling of satisfaction, responsibility and pride. Moreover we will be awarding the best story based upon the views and considering other few criteria, on monthly basis.

What we will Get?

We are always working for the betterment of community and our this initiative will surely help those who are new in this genre, who lack confidence or know little or nothing about Linux and FOSS.

So what we get? A sense of completeness that we have a platform where anyone can share their story. A platform where there is no discrimination on the basis of company, country or experience.

The stories may relate to:
  1. When and Where you heard about Linux and How you encountered Linux?
  2. The first Distribution you tried, the difficulty you faced and the things you learned.
  3. What Linux meant for you and where it stands now?
  4. What you like/dislike about Linux?
  5. What was your favorite distribution and what it is now. Let us know the journey.
  6. Best/worst Desktop Environment you ever used
  7. How you encounter with Linux command Line and what was your thought.
  8. Say one thing that you would like to change to Linux or a particular Distro, if permitted?
  9. What is the brightest/darkest side of Linux, according to you?
  10. An interesting story related to Linux/Open­source you Encountered?
  11. An interview scenario and how you faced it?
  12. Linux related gossip, funny facts/jokes among your circle.
  13. Linux tips and tricks that you discovered and want the world to know.
  14. An application or distributions review
  15. Any other interesting, knowledgeable, worth knowing post.
Guidelines to Submit Yours story, Tips, Tricks and hacks
  • Yours content should belong to Linux and open source and there must not be any self or company promotion.
  • The content must be between 300 words to 1500 words.
  • The content must not be copied from anywhere and should be unique.
  • You should input your Name, email ID and Company name correctly.
  • You may post more than one story.

There are 75 million Linux users as of now. If we get one interesting story from every user, we will get 75 million stories and then those Linux newbies who will be influenced by your story, this will create a never ending chain. We believe every Linux user matters in the Linux ecosystem and their contribution no matter of what kind counts.

We are waiting for your stories to present them (and you) before the world. Keep connected, Keep posting your stuff using following form.

Fill out my online form.

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