My Story #2: Dr. S P Bhatnagar’s Linux Journey

In this world, everyone is different than each other, and everyone has unique story about his life/work. That is why, we are here to share some interesting real life stories of our readers and how their journey started in Linux.

Today, we’re bringing another yet interesting story of Dr. S.P Bhatnagar. So here’s the true story of Bhatnagar in his own words, must read…

My Linux Story #1: Dr. S P Bhatnagar
My Linux Story #1: Dr. S P Bhatnagar

About SP Bhatnagar

Working as Professor of Physics at Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, Professionally I have M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Physics with specialization in Space Physics. Worked on microprocessor based system for real time data analysis of our space experiment as early as 1984. Very keen experimenter with interest in electronics and computers as major tools.

Working currently on Magnetic Fluid applications and also a Ham radio enthusiast with interest in low cost transceivers for students and Indian Hams.

I am answering to the question asked by TecMint – When and Where you heard about Linux and How you encountered Linux?

My True Linux Story

I had heard of Linux through PCQuest magazine and was looking for 10 floppies from some friend for trying it. A surprise visitor from US brought Slackware CD’s in early 1995. We had only one computer with intel 386 processor, 100MB hdd and Mono VGA monitor (perhaps one of the best configuration at the time). Borrowed a CD drive from a friend and tried to install Linux. After several attempts it succeeded. The kernel version was perhaps 0.9x.

My earlier experience of playing with early Unix came handy. Printed the available docs as and when needed on a DMP and learned to use it. No books were easily available then in Indian market. Learned networking from the man commands and other docs on the disk. Registered with the linux counter which showed the number of users from India was quite low.

Used that system as e-mail server for the university (NIC provided dialup links) for several years, with some upgraded hardware. Since then I am stuck with linux and have a large number of working systems as desktops as well as servers in the university. Trained many people to enjoy linux. Helped several organizations in setting up their servers and desktops.

Have worked on all major distros for learning and enjoyment. But most of my systems are Ubuntu or Fedora with one 80 core cluster on Cenos. Deployed Censornet and then ClearOS for gateways. I was happiest on the day Android was announced. It was a dream to see Linux in every hand.

Perhaps India’s first online telephone directory was setup in Bhavnagar at BSNL where Mr TK Sen the then GM of BSNL took a lot of interest in setting it using linux machines. He was also instrumental in setting up the regional email for BSNL using linux boxes. Still propagating Open-source at all levels.

Tecmint Community is sincerely thankful to Dr. S P Bhatnagar for sharing his Linux journey with us. If you too have such interesting story, you can share with Tecmint, which will serve as an inspiration to Millions of online users.

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