XDM is a Download Manager for Linux that ramps up Your Speed to 500%

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Aaron Kili

Aaron Kili is a Linux and F.O.S.S enthusiast, an upcoming Linux SysAdmin, web developer, and currently a content creator for TecMint who loves working with computers and strongly believes in sharing knowledge.

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17 Responses

  1. dragonmouth says:

    5x faster is a bogus, marketing claim. 5x faster than what?! Just because the developers make certain claims does not mean that those claims are factual. The developers can and will claim anything to get people to use their product. Relying on developers’ claims is the LAST thing I would do in evaluating a product.

    You are using “XDM” and “XDMan” interchangeably. They are NOT one and the same. XDM is a DISPLAY Manager, analogous GDM or KDM. The product you are pushing is XDMAN, which is something entirely different.

  2. Pouya says:

    what about a good CLI download accelerator for Linux? Both Axel and aria2 are worthless and using Java for any tech on Linux is a good reason to stay away

  3. Jai says:

    Nice article

  4. Adam says:

    How about you show us an example of where it increased the speed of a download by 500%? Or how about you explain what techniques it uses to increase the download speed.
    There are a couple of possibilities:
    1) download different parts of the same file from multiple sources (ie, torrents) maybe works with CDN websites
    2) download different parts of the same file from the same source, maybe works when the source limits download speed per connection rather than per source IP address.

    Not really seeing how this is going to help many people, and not prepared to install it. Also, a note that XDM is the X windows Desktop Manager, so you should be careful to call it XDMan instead of XDM (unless you are purposefully trying to be confusing to generate more interest).

    • Aaron Kili K says:

      When you do software review, you not only give what you have experienced while using it but also include what the developers say about how it works.
      The speed boost of 500% may seem to be over exaggerated but that is how the developers think the algorithm they used works.

      Users work in different environments and network speeds or data connections speeds vary therefore, showing how that actually works can not be possible sometimes especially the way you want it to be.

      The best idea would be to let the developers know about your concerns and show you how it actually works, boosting speeds up to 500%.

      We do not want to give information just to win support but to enlighten users, share knowledge, bring out our experiences and what has been stated.

      This is the XDM project homepage: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xdman/ , you can find more form there or even contact the developers.


  5. Hrx says:

    If something is 2x faster, we say it’s 100% faster. So, 5x faster is 400% faster

  6. Aaron Kili K says:

    Why do you say that…may be there is a reason, you can let us know.

  7. Dan the Man says:

    A speed of 500 % of what? 5 times as fast as walking to the nearest Walmart store? 5 TImes the bandwidth of your Internet connection? This must be fake.

  8. Jesse says:

    even better if it ..*

  9. Jesse says:

    XDM is amazing but would have been if it didn’t have to use Java

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