30 Big Companies and Devices Running on GNU/Linux

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Avishek Kumar

I am a major in computer science, love to research nix. I love to write codes and scripts, review distros, experiment Foss Technologies, write technical articles, Hack, of course Ethically. I am working as System Administrator (nix) for a NGO.

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17 Responses

  1. Luc Filiatrault says:

    It is about time that Linux makes surface. The cost of ownership of Windows is a big consideration. The only issue that prevents Linux to emerge at the rank it deserves is the Office compatibility. “Open Office” and preferably “Libre Office” have used reverse engineering to be able to be compatible as much as they can with the files format of Microsoft Office but it is not perfect. Microsoft should be forced to publish the secrecy they use. The other aspect I think is a perception problem: Because it is free it hides something, OR, It is too good to be true.
    I can tell you:” Linux is the only thing I know that is too good to be true … but it’s true.
    I remember the last computers migration I did for a big company we needed 10 to 12 reboot taking about 4 minutes each time. Do the math !
    When the enterprises realize all the times the users and the IT guys have to wait for the numerous reboots we have to perform on Windows after almost every update: this time is a loss of productivity that should be accounted for on top of the numerous licenses costs and also the cost to manage those licenses.
    Companies that refrain themselves to migrating massively to Linux should at least consider to migrate their servers: like this they will save the ACL costs. They would benefit also of a more reliable bank of servers.
    The support issue makes me laugh: lot of organization are afraid of the free (libre) software because it may lack support.
    In all my career of 30 years in I.T. I can’t remember when I had to call Microsoft besides revalidating a system code so that my license was still valid.
    With Linux we are free and free from tether.


    • Joseph Horn says:

      thank you for posting this comment. i would like to use it in a homework assignment for my IT Linux class, its about why companies are not using Linux and i thing you summed it up quite nicely, so much so that now i will have problems writing the rest of my page.

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