Find DNS Server IP Address in Linux

How to Find My DNS Server IP Address in Linux

DNS (Domain Name System) is a fundamental facilitator of several networking technologies such as mail servers, Internet browsing, and streaming services e.g. Netflix and Spotify, among others. It works on a special computer called

Install Bind DNS Server on RHEL 8

Setting Up Bind As a Private DNS Server on RHEL 8

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a method used to translate human-readable domain names (or Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN)) to machine-readable IP addresses, to locate a computer in a network such as the

Setup Local DNS Using /etc/hosts File in Linux

How to Setup Local DNS Using /etc/hosts File in Linux

DNS (Domain Name System or Service) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system/service that translates domain names into IP addresses on the Internet or a private network and a server that provides such a service

CloudLayar Website Security

CloudLayar – A Free DNS Protection for Your Website

CloudLayar is a website security tool that allows you to protect any domain from DNS-related attacks completely Free. CloudLayar was built with simplicity in mind so that every user could use the powerful protection