Deal: Get This Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Introductory Training

Artificial Intelligence is slowly but surely becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, through various technology such as check-scanning machines and GPS navigation. There are also cutting edge A.I. techniques like deep learning that which greatly improved the ability of computers to recognize patterns in big data.

The Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle, a 4-course collection will give you insights into the fundamentals of A.I. and the underlying technology in self-driving cars, image searching, and voice recognition. Get this training for 91% off from Tecmint Deals.

This in-depth course collection will walk you through the basics of AI, before you move to learning algorithms powering many of today’s Deep Learning technologies. Below is an overview of courses in your bundle:

The training in this bundle will begin with the introductory course, Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python, which will enable you master Deep Learning fundamentals, as well as how to build a linear regression module in Python.

Then, the Deep Learning Prerequisites: Logistic Regression in Python course will take you through the building blocks of neural networks. It will help you code your very own logistic regression module in Python, in addition explore real-world applications of Deep Learning in facial expression recognition technologies.

In case you want to understand how Siri recognizes your voice, The Data Science: Deep Learning in Python course will teach you innovative technology as you build your first artificial neural network and learn how to automate it to learn features on its own.

Your training will end with the Data Science: Practical Deep Learning in Theano & TensorFlow course, as you’ll master how to use TensorFlow and Theano to build various neural networks.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, it is a futuristic technology that is already reshaping the global economy. Start your journey towards AI mastery with The Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle, now for as low as $39 from Tecmint Deals.

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