Deal: Become an Hacker with ‘Ethical Hacking for Beginners’ Course (54% Off)

As computer security researchers out there are developing new security measures and techniques to harden security, hackers on the other side are devising ways of cracking available methods.

Therefore, the demand for online security experts is at an all-time high, and the Ethical Hacking for Beginners course will enable you build expertise and required understanding to establishing your mastery in an a lucrative IT field.

Build personal skills to secure computer systems and networks owned by big businesses and earn highly from a lucrative career with the Ethical Hacking for Beginners offer, for a limited time now at 54% discount on Tecmint Deals.

The training in this course will help you build a solid foundation in a highly sought-after skill set. Through 26 lectures and 7 hours of quality content, you’ll learn penetration testing techniques to stay ahead of the malicious computer users and improve your career prospects.

A few of the areas covered include:

  1. Learning how to build Trojans and backdoors, teaching you what to look for in case of a data breach.
  2. Utilize different tools to capture network traffic and mine results for vital data, as well as trial runs for DNS attacks and ARP poisoning attacks and beyond.
  3. Master Kali Linux, the best and preferred penetration testing operating system, to become master and commander of all there is to do with computer systems and network security.
  4. Additionally, you will also master security hardening concepts such as SSH Hardening and beyond.

Importantly, all the course materials are available 24/7, and you can progress to the next stages of the training at your own pace and comfort level.

Start on a path towards becoming a professional IT security expert, learn the ins and outs of preventing cyber attacks with the Ethical Hacking for Beginners course, now at just $45 on Tecmint Deals.

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