How to Create Your Own Facebook Clone Networking Site Using PHPFOX Script

Many social networking sites are incredibly increasing every day and it won’t stop them creating another one. All of us have a requirement of creating networking site based on the niche we choose. For example, if you own a company, and have created a social networking site for your employers and members which help them to stay connected and interact with each others. We all know about Facebook, Google+ and Twitter very popular networking sites and there are many more sites coming up all over the places. Many of the internet marketers are discovering how to gain profit from these websites. How are these social networking sites beneficial for you?

  1. Promoting : You need to promote your site to some extend, members of social networking site will do huge promotion for you by inviting their friends to join, and then their friends invite some more friends to join and so on.
  2. Content : You don’t need to worry about adding content because the members of your site do it for you by communicating with one another. In each and every communication they keep on writing something on your social networking site that means they are adding content.
  3. Market Research : Most of the research is done by the members in terms of filling their profiles they giving all the information that is needed for your market research.

There are many social networking scripts which enables you to set up your own networking site very easily. Today in this article I will be talking about one of the most popular networking site called PHPFOX. PHPFOX is a most popular networking script that offers an easiest way to create your own Social Network site. So let’s see the overview, features, requirements and installation.

PHPFOX Overview

PHPFOX is an awesome social networking script, developed in PHP/MYSQL that offers a flexible way to create own social network site based on your selected niche. It has innumerable features and functions that will surely fulfill your needs without any coding skills.

  1. Watch Site Demo of script –

Features of PHPFOX

This Script has lots of features. Some of the notable features are highlighted for your reference below.

  1. Easy to use Administration Panel
  2. Easy to use Theme Manager and Content Management System
  3. Run Advertisements and Make Money
  4. Install new Applications, Games and Languages
  5. Mobile Compatible website for Smartphone’s
  6. Messaging, Account Privacy and Settings.
  7. Facebook Similar Timeline
  8. Create Blogs, Forums, Videos, Music, Quizzes, Poll, Events and much more
  9. AJAX Browsing & Search
  10. Server Load Balancing
  11. Easily integrate with Content Delivery Network.

PHPFox Webhosting Requirements

  1. Web Server – Apache and Nginx
  2. Operating System – Linux and Windows
  3. PHP Version – Minimum – 5+
  4. MySQL Version – Minimum – 4.1
  5. GD extension complied with PHP
  6. FFmpeg, Mplayer and Mencoder

PHPFox Screenshots Tour

User Interface
PHPFox User Interface

User Interface

Admin Panel
PHPFOX Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Theme Management
PHPFox Theme Management

Theme Management

Installed Apps
PHPFox Installed Apps

Installed Apps

PHPFox Pages


PHPFox Photos


PHPFox Videos


User Privacy
PHPFox Privacy

User Privacy

PHPFox Monetize


PHPFox Forum


Mobile Site
PHPFOX Mobile Site

Mobile Site

Packages and Pricing

PHPFox offers different type of package, at present there are 3 packages available.

  1. Lite Package : The Lite package contains only basic features with no extra features.
  2. Network Package : The Network Package is a combination of basic package with some extra features.
  3. Community Package : The Community Package is a complete package wherein you will have all the features, extra plugins, and extended support.

I recommend you to go with the Community Package, because it includes all the features that you want in your social site.

PHPFox Package Pricing

PHPFox Pricing Packages

Installation of PHPFOX Script

There are many networking websites which are very difficult to install and manage, but PHPFOX is very easy and straight-forward to install. Grab the PHPFOX Package from the site and upload the package script to your server’s website root directory via FTP. Navigate your browser to This script takes you to the installation page, which looks like this: The script checks for PHP Version and Settings. If all OK, click on “Proceed to next step“.

PHP Version Settings

PHP Version Settings

Next, enter your Database details such as Database Drive, Host, Name, Password and click “Proceed to next step“.

PHPFox Database Setting

Database Setting

Installation process started, wait for till it gets completed.

PHPFox Installation

PHPFox Installation

After installation process completes, enter Administrator Account Details & click “Submit“.

PHPFOX Admin Details

Admin Details

Finally, installation completed, now you can able to login into your Administration account.

PHPFox Admin Login

Admin Login

That’s it! Now, you can work on customization and branding of your newly launched social networking site.

Reference Links

PHPfox Homepage

I know lot of users still don’t know how to install PHPFox Script and there are no proper installation instructions available on PHPFox site anymore. If you’re looking for someone to install a script, consider us why because we offer wide range of Linux services at fair minimum rates with one month free support. Submit Order Now.

Do let me know if you’re using any other social scripts via comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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