5 Reasons To Install Linux Today

If you are reading this article, chances are you are a new or prospective Linux user. Or perhaps you’re not – and are curious as to what I consider the 5 top reasons why someone would want to install Linux today.

Either way, you are welcome to join me as I do my best to explain. If you bear with me enough to reach the end of this post, feel free to add your own voice using the comment form below.

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DISCLAIMER: The reasons below are not listed in any specific order of importance. That said, you can read them from top to bottom or the other way around – your choice.

Reason #1 – Linux is Free

In the Linux ecosystem, the word “free” has two meanings: 1) Free as in freedom, and 2) Free as in beer. The first one refers to the freedom of doing whatever you wish with the operating system (for example, personal or commercial use).

The second is indicative of the fact that most (99%) Linux distributions (the “flavors” of Linux, so to speak) can be downloaded and used on as many computers at absolutely no cost.

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Commercial distributions are sometimes preferred on enterprise environments due to the available support contracts offered by the companies behind them. Red Hat, Inc. with its superstar Red Hat Enterprise Linux is just an example.

Linux is Free
Linux is Free

Reason #2 – Linux can Bring old Hardware back to Life

Yes, you read that right. If you have an old computer gathering dust because it no longer can afford the system requirements of other operating systems, Linux is here to save your day. And I speak out of experience on this: my first computer (a high school graduation present my mother gave me near the end of 2000) has now been running as a home server for 5 years now – always with the latest Debian stable release.

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Linux Supports Old Hardware
Linux Supports Old Hardware

Reason #3 – Linux is the Best Tool to Learn How Computers Work

Even for new users, it is relatively easy to access information about and interact with the computer’s hardware. With command-line tools such as dmesg (which lists messages from the kernel) and a little patience, you can easily learn what happens internally since you press the power button until you get a fully-usable operating system. And that is just one example.

Learn Linux
Learn Linux

Reason #4 – Linux is the Best Tool to Get Started with Programming

I always say that I would have loved to have been introduced to Linux much earlier than I was. When the operating system is installed, it includes all the necessary tools to get started with Python programming. One of the most popular object-oriented programming languages in use today, Python is used to introduce computer science majors to programming in several top-notch universities.

Learn Linux + Python Programming
Learn Linux + Python Programming

Reason #5 – Lots (and I mean LOTS) of Free world-class Software

I know, I know. This item is closely related to #1 but I decided to make it a separate one. Why? Because it highlights the fact that the software available for Linux today is mostly made possible by a large army of volunteers.

Yes – people who write outstanding software without making a quarter out of it. In some cases, there are companies providing the funds for the development and maintenance of the software.

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The operating system is so stable that they want to make sure their software runs on it. That is why large companies make substantial contributions (in terms of donations or manpower) to the Linux ecosystem.

Free Open Source Software
Free Open Source Software

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Please note that I’ve done my best to describe the reasons I would give to someone considering using Linux for the first time.

If you can think of other reasons not present in this article, feel free to share them with our community using the comment form below.

Gabriel Cánepa
Gabriel Cánepa is a GNU/Linux sysadmin and web developer from Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina. He works for a worldwide leading consumer product company and takes great pleasure in using FOSS tools to increase productivity in all areas of his daily work.

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24 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Install Linux Today”

  1. Another reason to install and use Linux is that it is hardware-independent. You can install it on a storage device (HD, SSD, CD/DVD, USB) and then use that device on any PC. Linux will “adapt” to the hardware.

    In fact, many distros have been specifically designed that way. Any distro that is used in pen-testing. Distros like GParted, Clonezilla, TAILS, etc.

    Windows, OTOH, is wedded to the hardware it was originally installed on.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful article. I am just testing multiple linux distros, and this has helped me learn.


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