How to Install Skype 8.13 on CentOS, RHEL and Fedora

Skype is a popular software application currently developed by Microsoft that is mainly used for Instant Messaging and for Audio and Video calls and Video conferencing call. Among these functions, Skype can also be used for file sharing, screen sharing and text and voice messaging.

In this guide we’ll cover the process of installing the latest version of Skype (8.13) in CentOS, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and Fedora distributions.

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In order to install Skype in your Linux distribution, first visit Skype official download page at and download the latest available version of the software for Linux in your system by following the download link from browser or use open a Terminal window and grab the package via wget command line utility.

# wget

After the download completes, proceed with Skype installation process, by opening a console and issue the following command with root privileges, specific for the installed Linux distribution in your machine.

# yum localinstall skypeforlinux-64.rpm  [On CentOS/RHEL]
# dnf install skypeforlinux-64.rpm       [On Fedora 24-27]

Update: On Fedora, you can install Skype from snap tool as shown.

$ sudo dnf install snapd
$ sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
$ sudo snap install skype --classic

After the installation process completes, start Skype application by navigating to Application Menu -> Internet -> Skype.

Launch Skype in CentOS 7
Launch Skype in CentOS 7

To start Skype from command line, open a console and type skypeforlinux in Terminal.

# skypeforlinux
Start Skype in CentOS 7
Start Skype in CentOS 7

Sign In to Skype with the Microsoft account or hit on Create Account button and follow the steps in order to create a Skype account and freely communicate with your friends, family or co-workers.

Skype for Linux
Skype for Linux
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30 thoughts on “How to Install Skype 8.13 on CentOS, RHEL and Fedora”

  1. I have a physical host, with wired GigE internet, 16GB RAM, and a 4T HD with Centos 7.8 KDE Plasma desktop installed, fully yum updated, and recently rebooted.

    Based on this article – I did the following, attempting to get skype for linux to work:

    # wget
    # yum localinstall skypeforlinux-64.rpm

    Selecting “Skype” from the Applications –> Internet menu does not work, nothing appears on the screen.

    Executing “skypeforlinux” at the command line immediately returns to the command prompt without any message, nor error.

    I’ve checked /var/log and the only log file written to during this time is ‘messages‘.

    The relevant output is as follows:

    May 7 14:06:22 T550072G yum[32269]: Installed: skypeforlinux-
    May 7 14:06:33 T550072G kernel: traps: skypeforlinux[32302] trap int3 ip:55978979615f sp:7ffe26ae1ac0 error:0 in skypeforlinux[55978787d000+5425000]
    May 7 14:06:33 T550072G abrt-hook-ccpp: Process 32302 (skypeforlinux) of user 0 killed by SIGTRAP - dumping core
    May 7 14:06:33 T550072G abrt-server: Package 'skypeforlinux' isn't signed with proper key
    May 7 14:06:33 T550072G abrt-server: 'post-create' on '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2020-05-07-14:06:33-32302' exited with 1
    May 7 14:06:33 T550072G abrt-server: Deleting problem directory '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2020-05-07-14:06:33-32302'

    May 7 14:07:19 T550072G kernel: traps: skypeforlinux[32333] trap int3 ip:563be857f15f sp:7ffca67afb90 error:0 in skypeforlinux[563be6666000+5425000]
    May 7 14:07:20 T550072G abrt-hook-ccpp: Process 32333 (skypeforlinux) of user 0 killed by SIGTRAP - dumping core
    May 7 14:07:20 T550072G abrt-server: Package 'skypeforlinux' isn't signed with proper key
    May 7 14:07:20 T550072G abrt-server: 'post-create' on '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2020-05-07-14:07:20-32333' exited with 1
    May 7 14:07:20 T550072G abrt-server: Deleting problem directory '/var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2020-05-07-14:07:20-32333'

    A google search on the relevant error message, “Package ‘skypeforlinux‘ isn’t signed with proper key” finds an old 2019 page in a foreign language (russian but even when translated, doesn’t seem to be of much help.

    Secondary searches of Microsoft’s site for this error does not return any results.

    I’ve reviewed other links/URLs for ‘installing skype for linux‘, all of them show essentially the same commands/steps, and success you do here on

    Finally, there seems to be no way to inform Microsoft of this issue, unless one signs up for a Microsoft account—which I have no need of. Sigh.

    Any help in addressing this error is greatly appreciated.

  2. Doesn’t work on Centos 7. No errors can be found. It launches and ps ax | grep skype shows it running. I guess it just doesn’t work…

  3. Hi,

    I have completed above all steps but after installation successfully skype not opening on my centos 7.

    Help me with this.


      • I am also facing the same issue. It is just a flash skype window when opening in the Application -> internet -> skype. Does it require any package for centos 7. please suggest


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