12 thoughts on “How to Install Xrdp on Ubuntu 20.04”

  1. Hi,

    The xrp tutorial works as expected and thank you very much for the detailed guide.

    However, the xrdp seems to start a new desktop session and does not mirror the current window that’s being displayed on my device. For example, if I have firefox open on my device and I use xrdp to remote into my device with the same user credentials that are currently logged into the PC, should it not mirror the same screen and have firefox open on the xrdp session? Like how RDP works on Windows.

    I have only started learning Linux recently so I’m still new to how things work.

  2. Hi, your workaround got me up and running. However, I cannot work on this basis, due to an extremely slow response. The screen takes up to 30 secs to update. Does anybody have a clue how to solve that?

  3. Just set up a VM with Ubuntu 20.04.2 Server to test this process and I have to say it worked perfectly. I did not have any black screen issues that needed fixing and was able to mstsc indirectly from my laptop without a problem.

    Maybe an addition to this guide would be how to install different desktop environments?

    Also is it possible for the console to continue to boot in text mode but with xrdp functioning be able to just RDP to a desktop when required?

    Thanks for this cool and simple guide.

    • As a side tip, I had to run ‘sudo apt-get install ubuntu-software‘ to then allow me to use the GUI Software tool to add additional applications on the desktop.

  4. Guys, the workaround for the black screen is absolutely awesome.
    It can only come from someone who knows this stuff.

    Thanks a lot!


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