Deal: Get IT Certified with Ultimate Computer Security Bundle (95% Off)

With the growing number of threats to enterprise level computer systems and networks, security experts have become highly sought-after individuals to avert various types of security concerns existing today. For that reason, if are you ready to become the most wanted IT guy in a big company? Then, the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle will comprehensively push you there.

Now for a limited time, at 95% discount only on Tecmint Deals, you can learn from industry-leading material as you earn high-level mastery and certifications in crucial areas such as CISSP, Encryption, Pentesting, Ethical Hacking and beyond.

Through 7 courses, you’ll work toward the internationally recognized CISSP certification for IT security professionals. Additionally, you’ll dig into the basics of Ethical Hacking to learn the different tricks and techniques used by the bad guys enabling you to skillfully beat them before they perform attacks.

Below are some of the critical areas you’ll explore in this training:

  1. Troubleshooting common day to day issues that may arise on computer systems and networks
  2. Understanding factors that determine TCP performance and connections
  3. Penetration testing and VolP Hacking fundamentals
  4. Testing and assessing a mobile app’s security using advanced mobile penetration testing techniques
  5. Learning the various processes and functionality behind data transfer

Importantly, when you get lifetime access to this training, you’ll work at your own pace and make your own schedule as well, you’ll only advance to the next stages when you’re comfortable and ready with the materials.

As a result, earn valuable, highly-considered industry certifications with The Ultimate Computer Security Bundle to help you gain the required skills, and become a top-level security expert as you work on a path toward a lucrative IT career, all brought to you for a limited-time at just $29 on Tecmint Deals.

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