Deal: Learn Web Development with 5-Courses Certified Web Developer Bundle $39

Now it’s time to get serious about a career in web programming and prove that you’ve ability to become a certified web developer, that’s the reason we’re today offering a Become a Certified Web Developer Bundle, which includes 5 courses with 25 hours of coding classes, this courseware is from the 1337 Institute of Technology that will train you to a complete understanding of skills from front-end development with JavaScript and CSS through the mastery of Ajax technology.

Become a Certified Web Developer Bundle
Become a Certified Web Developer Bundle

For a limited time, Tecmint readers can grab up this bundle for just $39 – that’s 98% off the combined course retail value i.e. $3000. Even one single course will help you to become a senior level developer.

Included in the bundle:

1. Advanced JavaScript Development – $1,099 Value

Trainer Mark Lassoff will guide you a wide range of web development skills from front-end programming with JavaScript and back-end programming with PHP language. By completing all 12 hours of classes, you will be qualify to get an instructor-signed certification.

2. CSS Development – $559 Value

CSS is must for every developer to create responsive website designs. In this 4 hours of course, the instructor Zachary Kingston will teach you how to build amazing website with css. This course is best suitable for those beginners who have no prior knowledge and as well as for those experienced coders to refine their CSS skills.

3. GitHub Fundamentals – $559 Value

Always wanted to give a try to GitHub but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry in this course you will learn how to install Git to keep and streamline your code and also take the opportunity at GitHub to work with open source community.

4. Ajax Development – $549 Value

Ajax is a client-side script that used to create fast and dynamic websites with the help of JavaScript. If you want to make your website load quickly without reloading the whole actual HTML page, then you should must pay attention to this course.

5. Become a Certified Web Developer – $199 Value

This course will guide you through wide range of web languages: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. With dozens of real world code examples to download and study, you will become a expert in no time.

Learn the basics of creating graphically-amazing websites and explore the capabilities of a new and profitable career with the Become a Certified Web Developer Bundle, now for just $39 on Tecmint Deals.

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