Deal: Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle (97% Off)

Linux and UNIX operating systems have become increasingly popular in enterprise computing environments. Due to their rapid growth in today’s businesses, Linux/UNIX administrators have also become very much in-demand.

The Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle, a hands-on duo of courses will help you acquire much needed knowledge and skills to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ and the Novell Certified Linux Professional certification exams, thus improving your chances of landing a high-paying Linux/Unix job in a big company/organization.

Learn the tricks of the Linux systems administration trade and prepare for top certification exams with this Training Bundle at 97% off on Tecmint Deals.

In this bundle, you’ll access 2 full courses 24/7, gain the knowledge and skills to install, configure, and support a Linux/UNIX server, learn to control and troubleshoot the boot process. You’ll also learn how to attach local storage and create file systems and beyond.

Additionally, you’ll study security under Linux/Unix, covering areas such as controlling access via TCP Wrappers, configuring Xinetd, uninstalling or reconfiguring Servers, tools for managing passwords, configuring SSH and creating SSH Keys, controlling SSH access as well as using using GPG.

Course Outline:

  1. Mod 1: Overview of Linux Commands, Vi Editor and Shell Commands Tricks
  2. Mod 2: Linux Package Management with Yum, RPM, APT, etc.
  3. Mod 3: Management of Linux Disks, LVM and Configuring Hardware
  4. Mod 4: Manage Linux Files/Permissions Effectively and Disk Quotes
  5. Mod 5: Understanding Linux Boot Process and Run Levels/Services.
  6. Mod 6: Manage X Windows, Remote Access, Setup Printers, etc.
  7. Mod 7: Linux Administration, Tuning and Maintenance
  8. Mod 8: Basic Networking and Understanding DNZ Zones
  9. Mod 9: Learn Shell Scripting and Setup Email with Database
  10. Mod 10: Understanding, TCP Wrappers, Xinetd, Password Management, Security, etc.

Importantly, you’ll use visual demonstrations and multimedia presentations to learn. You’ll test your progress with quizzes and exam simulators through out the two courses, interact and collaborate with other students and Vision Training Systems employees to form study groups and discussions.

Master all it takes to prepare for top certification exams and become a professional Linux/Unix administrator in a big organization with this training bundle for as low as $49 on Tecmint Deals.

Ravi Saive
I am an experienced GNU/Linux expert and a full-stack software developer with over a decade in the field of Linux and Open Source technologies

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  1. I’m running a very old version of Debian jessie7.0 which is nearly deprecated. My GUI is mostly non-compatible with many sites and it’s getting more difficult to find streaming video in HTML. So, basically I am forced to learn. What do I need to know to reload Linux or Ubuntu onto my i386?

    • @Anthony,

      Ubuntu and Linux is as simple as installing Windows, all instructions are self explanatory during installation setup. For further learning of Linux commands and admin skills, one need to learn yourself or take training of this course.


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