16 Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives For Linux in 2024

Brief: In this guide, we explore the best Microsoft Teams alternatives for Linux that you can use to streamline your workflows and collaborate with your friends and colleagues.

Microsoft Teams is one of the top IT tools for organizations, companies, and firms. It’s an advanced team messaging, video conferencing, meeting, and collaborative platform.

Not only does it help teams stay connected, but it also offers business owners a cross-platform collaboration solution. Business owners and employees enjoy features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and document sharing under the platform easing workplace communications.

However, for Linux users, the Microsoft Teams app has its drawbacks which can be problematic. If that also sounds like you, our next section looks at the best Microsoft Teams alternatives for Linux.

The alternatives are plenty, with loads of them being open source, so we hope you will find a perfect match. Here are the best Microsoft Teams alternatives for Linux users out there.

1. Mattermost – Collaboration for Developers

Mattermost is one of the best Microsoft Teams alternatives and is ideal for anyone wanting greater privacy through a self-hosting platform. Each user can establish a self-hostable online chat service with features such as file sharing, message history search, and third-party app integration.

Mattermost also acts as an open-source internal chat app built for developers with the ability to integrate with multiple DevOps tools and workflow as a bonus.

Key Features:

  • The user-friendly interface makes Mattermost easy to deploy and manage.
  • Slack compatibility allows users to import, export, and customize depending on their preferences.
  • Cross-platform availability with both mobile and desktop apps with multiple language support.
  • Prebuilt plugins from Jenkins, GitLab, and Jira.
  • Basic productivity features for coders and developers.
  • Integrates with DevOps tools.
  • Next-level customization with plugins, add-ons, plus extensions available.
Mattermost - Collaboration for Developers
Mattermost – Collaboration for Developers

2. Wire – Secure Collaboration Platform

Wire is a secure and open-source, cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Teams. The Electron-based application, however, provides an excellent cross-platform application with encrypted instant messaging, which allows the exchange of voice, text, photo, music, and video messages.

You can also count on Wire for encrypted group chats with the capability to talk to family, friends, and colleagues via safely encrypted channels. File-sharing with external collaboration is also possible with all channels secured through end-to-end encryption.

Key Features:

  • High-definition group calls offer perfect communication quality.
  • High security with end-to-end chat encryption for chats and calls.
  • Ability to create multiple profiles for work and personal conversations.
  • Create chat rooms for specific projects or teams.
  • Status checker with highlights for active and inactive profiles.
Wire - Secure Collaboration Platform
Wire – Secure Collaboration Platform

3. Rocket.Chat – Team Communications Platform

Like most other apps on the list, Rocket.Chat is also an open-source alternative to Microsoft Teams with similar collaboration features. For starters, Rocket.Chat runs multi-based user options with self-and cloud-based hosting provided by the application.

The similarities include features like the @mentions with one-on-one direct messaging for responsive engagement.

However Rocket.Chat prowess comes in its overall reputation regarding affordability plus customization. Using Rocket, you replace or edit the existing website or social media platforms through the omnichannel feature.

Key Features:

  • Direct messaging capabilities between multiple users.
  • High level of security with a two-step verification process for particular tasks or actions.
  • Supports advanced video conferencing with screen sharing.
  • Use of mention for teams, individuals, and announcements.
  • An engagement dashboard for analyzing user participation.
  • The sort option allows searching conversations using the alphabetical order or last activity.
  • MS Translate helps translate team messages and chats, allowing cross-language collaboration.
Rocket.Chat - Communications Platform
Rocket.Chat – Communications Platform

4. Zoom – Video Conferencing Platform

For good reasons, Zoom remains one of the most popular virtual meeting applications. First, Zoom is easy to use since a click of a few buttons helps you set up video conferencing quickly.

Zoom also offers advanced app integration with more than 1,000 programs compatible with the video conferencing app. Such a feature makes Zoom ideal for a multi-platform virtual meeting where users can be both Microsoft or non-Microsoft users.

Key Features:

  • Record option for recording and saving so you can review later.
  • Instant messaging and video conferencing feature.
  • Free collaboration plan with a video duration limit.
  • Connects with over 1,000 apps.
  • Virtual background for virtual meetings.
  • Whiteboard feature for better team coordination and collaboration.
  • Requires subscription to unlock premium features.
  • Requires the video conferencing app before you can join a meeting.
Zoom - Video Conferencing Platform
Zoom – Video Conferencing Platform

5. Element – Secure Collaboration and Messaging App

Element is an advanced secure collaboration and team messaging app based on the Matrix platform, which helps teams collaborate through instant messaging, video, voice calls, and seamless file sharing.

Being Matrix-based, Element is decentralized to deliver digital sovereignty and enable deployment of on-premise hosting rather than other cloud providers.

In short, the Matrix structure provides a SaaS version for users to enjoy enterprise-grade add-ons for cross-platform workplace collaborations.

Key Features:

  • Decentralized structure based on Matrix.
  • Free end-to-end encrypted voice and video messaging.
  • Support for cloud and on-premise hosting.
  • Integration option with bridging to Slack, and Microsoft Teams, among other apps.
  • User-friendly SaaS solution for enterprises.
  • Allows for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls through the internet.
  • Real-time collaboration for users.
Element - Secure Collaboration and Messaging
Element – Secure Collaboration and Messaging

6. Jami – Peer-to-Peer Audio and Video Conferencing Platform

Jami (Previously known as GNU Ring or SFLphone) is another decentralized open-source option that closely mimics Microsoft’s Skype. The open-source application lets Linux users enjoy a fully-free solution with features such as solid end-to-end encryption, unlimited sharing, and multi-platform and multilingual support.

Jami also positions itself as a Skype replacement with optional SIP client accounts available for you to answer or make VoIP calls to anywhere using the internet.

Key Features:

  • Decentralized collaboration structure.
  • Advanced video conferencing with screen sharing.
  • Customized download option for chats, files, and statuses.
  • Real-time chat with presentation tools.
  • End-to-end encryption for voice calls, video conferencing, and file sharing.
  • E2E encryption for the entire app makes it a privacy-friendly alternative.
  • Multi-platform app with multiple languages support.
  • Allows for extra SIP accounts.
Jami - Audio and Video Conferencing Platform
Jami – Audio and Video Conferencing Platform

7. Google Meet – Online Video Calls, Meetings, and Conferencing

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that facilitates direct entry to meetings via email or calendar invite. This tool was previously known as Hangouts Meet.

Key Features:

  • It facilitates free video conferencing calls for meetings with utmost a hundred participants.
  • It enables the screen sharing of documents, pictures, and videos.
  • Meeting hosts have the right to remove or mute participants.
  • It has automated live captions powered by Google’s speech recognition and technology, allowing one to take notes in real-time.
  • It allows for up to 60 minutes per meeting time at no charge.
  • It facilitates feedback and participation from audience members via polls.
  • One can join meetings from Gmail.
Google Meet - Online Video Calls and Meetings
Google Meet – Online Video Calls and Meetings

8. Brosix – Secure Instant Messaging App

Brosix provides encrypted real-time communication in business across multiple apps. It is an instant messaging software that guarantees security, as it operates on an encrypted team network which gives complete control of this tool.

Key Features:

  • It allows encrypted file sharing, screen sharing, and audio and video calls.
  • Makes monthly activity log archives that one can download from the control panel.
  • The network has multiple administrators.
  • It has over 3000 integrations, web apps, mobile, and desktop.
Brosix - Secure Instant Messaging App
Brosix – Secure Instant Messaging App

9. Cisco Webex Teams

This is a real-time video and audio conference call application that is multi-functional and easy to use. Webex Teams offers file sharing, video meetings, whiteboarding, and calling, thus providing efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and collaborate with your team.
  • Facilitates meeting recording and provides transcripts immediately.
  • It has a whiteboard for a team to brainstorm together.
  • It enables video calls of up to 1000 participants.
  • It offers free screen and file sharing.
  • Easily integrates with Google and Microsoft calendars.
Cisco Webex Teams
Cisco Webex Teams

10. Pumble – Free Chat & Collaboration App

Pumble is a real-time collaboration tool that allows daily communication of teams and aims at reducing excessive use of emails. It is an online tool that works in a browser, but you can also install it on your desktop or phone for convenience.

Key Features:

  • Pumble is available for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, IOs, and even the Web.
  • It has a guest access feature that helps you to interact with your client or third parties giving them limited access to your workspace.
  • Its free plan offers unlimited users and chat history.
  • It provides maximum data security and privacy.
  • It offers unlimited storage per user with the paid plan and 10GB with the free plan.
Pumble - Free Chat & Collaboration App
Pumble – Free Chat & Collaboration App

11. GoTo Meeting – Web Conferencing Software

GoToMeeting is a tool with advanced meeting features that deliver the best of both interactive chat and video meetings in one platform.

Key Features:

  • Video-to-slide capability, making it easy for participants to view and use presentations; additionally, one can easily download the captured slides into a PDF.
  • It has meeting diagnostics that guarantee top-quality video and audio for every team member.
  • LastPass Integration enables easy management of passwords and MFA, the Mutli-factor authentication, without adding another vendor.
GoTo Meeting - Web Conferencing Software
GoTo Meeting – Web Conferencing Software

12. Chanty – Team Communication and Collaboration

Chanty is a leading collaboration tool that offers a complete and searchable message history. When using Chanty, you can enjoy chatting with guest users or team members, audio calls, and task management using the Kanban board.

Key Features:

  • It has efficient search options when you want to retrieve any relevant information.
  • You can customize notifications.
  • One can have task management using the Kanban board.
  • It has a complete message history and searchable chat.
  • It offers audio messages with privacy and sharing features.
Chanty – Team Communication and Collaboration
Chanty – Team Communication and Collaboration

13. Discord – Talk, Chat & Hang Out

Discord is a popular and free platform that is popular among gaming communities. It allows you to share videos, voice, and even text with other users.

Key Features:

  • Discord can create both public and private spaces.
  • It allows syncing of data across different devices.
  • It organizes both the roles and permissions of the gamers.
  • Facilitates channels to communicate with like-minded users.
  • It supports video calls, texting, and even voice calls.
Discord - Talk, Chat & Hang Out
Discord – Talk, Chat & Hang Out

14. Slack – Instant Messaging Program

Slack offers a straightforward chat-focused interface and facilitates video calling and file sharing. This tool also gives reminders and monitors activities via different channels.

Key Features:

  • It has Slack posts that support formatted documents and allows file sharing and editing.
  • One can easily customize their theme, including the sidebar colors.
  • It offers a task management list where Slackbot gives reminders for tasks.
Slack - Instant Messaging Program
Slack – Instant Messaging Program

15. Spike – Collaborative Email Platform

Spike is an email app that offers an inbox interface with various collaborative functionalities. This tool allows file sharing, real-time chats, video and voice conferencing, and more.

Key Features:

  • It offers task planning, scheduling, and management.
  • It facilitates video chat, conferencing, and audio calls.
  • It allows screen sharing.
  • One can retrieve transcripts and chat history.
  • It allows email integration for both internal and external communication.
Spike - Collaborative Email Platform
Spike – Collaborative Email Platform

16. ClickUp – Productivity Platform

ClickUp is a renowned team communication and project management tool. This tool offers advanced team collaboration features that enhance user productivity.

Key Features:

  • It has a chat view feature where you can have work-related or casual conversations, and these messages are easily retrievable.
  • The comment section in ClickUp helps edit, assign, and even reply to comments. It also has remind-me options to remind one about tasks and emojis that express your feelings via chats.
  • It has a screen recording feature to show team members your point of reference.
  • It allows for both Zoom and slack integration.
  • It facilitates seamless Microsoft Teams Integration.
ClickUp - Productivity Platform
ClickUp – Productivity Platform

While there are many other tools that can be used as alternatives for Microsoft Teams, we have covered some of the most popular and widely used ones that offer similar features to Microsoft Teams.

It goes without saying that we are likely to see additional tools coming out in the not-so-far future that will serve as perfect alternatives. But until then, the tools we have covered are the best bet if you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Teams.

Did we miss any good Microsoft Teams alternatives that you think should have made it to the list? please share them in the comments below.

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  1. What if 5000 of my co-workers are using Teams and I am using Linux? How do I convince them to all use Mattermost to send me a message?

    What if somebody in Teams has a really funny meme? I will be missing out. This is the main reason that I still have to use Windows.

  2. You missed NextCloud Talk and its integrated chat – I haven’t used Microsoft Teams, but I suspect that NextCloud (adopted by the EU as the free and open source software platform to replace the Microsoft product suite there) is a comprehensive replacement.


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