10 Professional Certifications in Demand That Will Get You Hired

We are overwhelmed with the response we got on this article series. This is the last part of the series. The article aims at throwing light on these professional certifications that are currently HOT in the market. All the statistics below is the result of close study of various job boards, postings and requirements in last three months by IT companies across the globe. We will try to keep you updated if there is any major changes in the below data.

One skill will rarely bring you a job. You must have balanced skill sets to be successful.

1. Cisco

Cisco IT Professional Career Certification by Cisco Systems tops the list having an increase in demand which is nearly 3.4% in the last quarter.


CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is an Independent IT Certification by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium often called as (ISC)^2 comes second and have a growth in demand upto 7% in last quarter.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft Certification stands third in the list. There is a huge list of Microsoft Certification which can be found here. Microsoft certification has shown a marginal growth of 0.7% in the last quarter.

4. CompTIA

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) conducts ‘A+’, ‘Network+’, and ‘security+’ certifications. CompTIA comes fourth in the list. It has shown a growth of 1.8% in demand, in the last quarter.

5. RedHat Certification

The very Famous and renowned RedHat Certification is for Red Hat Products and General Linux Related Skills. RedHat Certification comes fifth in the list having a growth in demand that is nearly 2% in last quarter.


ITIL previously known as It Infrastructure Library is a set of Certification comes next in the list at number six. It has shown a decline in growth nearly 39% in last quarter.

7. Oracle Certification

The IT certification Program by Oracle Inc for products and services like Java, MySQL and Solaris. Oracle Certification made to the list for number seven. It has shown a huge increase in demand upto 141%.


Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC) by SANS Institute comes at number eight. It has shown a growth in demand by 19% in last quarter.

9. LPI

Linux Professional Institute certification comes at number nine. It has shown a decline in demand by 22% in last quarter.

10. Novell

Novell is one among those first IT companies which started providing certification for their product and services. Certification stands tall at number ten. It has shown a decline of 43% approximately in last quarter.

1 Cisco 3.4% +
2 CISSP 7% +
3 Microsoft 0.7% +
4 CompTIA 1.8% +
5 RedHat 2% +
6 ITIL 39% –
7 Oracle Certification 141% +
8 GIAC 19% +
9 LPI 22% –
10 Novell 43% –

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  1. Hey man! Great article. I’m a college student/part time network technician and I’m thinking of getting some of these to supplement my degree (Information Systems Major/Computer Science Minor). I know a bit about linux and oracle and how networks work, where do you think would be a good place to start?

    • Thanks for the appreciation Jessi,
      All these certifications are very famous. You have to decide which way (field), you want to go. Listen your heart and not mind. You will always be right!

    • Dear Nick,
      I find Linux Foundation Certificate to be very important but the list above is not mine. It is the trend certification showed in the given time frame. I appreciate your concern.
      Keep Connected!

  2. Awesome article. I’m from Brazil, but I’m looking for jobs on USA, Canada, Australia or europe countries, and, my friend that lives in Amsterdan, says that red hat certifications are very wanted, and the organizations are recruiting this professionals. I’ve the LPI 1 certification and now, no more LPI, but Red Hat is my goal.

  3. Great article man. In the same time that I read your article, I learned new phrases in english because i’m learning english. One day I will get a certification, I’m stayed a little frustrated when I saw the decline of LPI, but I stayed happy when I saw about CISCO.

    Thank you and sorry if I committed mistakes in the my writing.


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