The Story Behind Acquisition of ‘MySQL’ by Sun Microsystem and the Rise of ‘MariaDB’

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17 Responses

  1. Rob Prentice says:

    Thank you for publishing the article. I’m sure many were interested to hear some of the details. I suggest that you try to have a native English speaker review such articles before publication. It would make them more accurately express your intent.

    The big advantage of a database system is that information is stored in a logical way that makes it efficient to query and update. Database management systems contain the software used to create, access, and manage databases. Vendors have gained reknown (and marketshare) for their databases by making them fast, reliable, and highly scalable. Many advanced features have been added to make it possible to express sophisticated relationships within relational models. The extent to which these features are supported, and the extent to which performance can be tuned to optimize for certain characteristics are attractive features.

    Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft, and several other companies dominated this market for many years, and are known for being extremely expensive. What set apart both PostgreSQL and MySQL was that they are free and open source. MySQL was aimed at simplicity that still supports effective scalability. PostgreSQL was aimed at supporting a more advanced set of features at the expense of simplicity. Given the uncertain future of MySQL (or of any open source software bought out by a commercial competitor) the availability of of the MariaDB alternative is very welcome to all in the industry.

  2. Ismael says:

    You said that “… some advanced feature became the strength of MariaDB.” but in your table it looks like MariaDB has LESS features than MySQL.

    Which are those “advanced features” that you forgot to mention?

  3. W. Anderson says:

    It is most unfortunate that Mr. Avishek Kumar’s education in Computer Science was incomplete as to allow him to omit PostgreSQL, a world class RDBMS that powers Yahoo, Fujitsu, Sony Corporation RedHat and thousands more enterprises and aptly considered a viable replacement for Oracle 11, is missing from his “list”. Even the venerable SyBase, from which SQL Server derived under very ignominious circumstances and actions by Microsoft deserves credible mention on his list.

    Most of those” new” to technology – within the past 5 – 7 years are lacking a sound education foundation , particularly in the factual and consequential history and circumstances of several critical pro ducts and technologies.

    Their technology educational systems therefore need updating and improvement.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Dear W. Anderson,
      Thanks for the time you have given to write such a critics.
      well we could not Understand why PostgreSQL should make to this List? only because a PostgreSQL die-hard-fan wants this?

      Is PostgreSQl MySQL fork?
      IS PostgreSQL MariaDB fork?
      Does it belongs to the community of any of the two above?
      What’s its role in MySQL forking and MariaDB development?
      was PostgresSQL involved in Google’s and Wikipedia’s movement from MySQL to MariaDB?

      we understand PostgresSQL and know its use.

      Dear sir, it would have been nice to appreciate a work that deserve rather than talking ill-education System, Don’t you think so?

  4. Thanks for the research you have done for the article!

    A couple of minor corrections:

    MariaDB also support MacOS
    MariaDB has it’s own cluster solution (Galera) which is master-master.
    In addition MariaDB also supports multi-source replication and true
    parallel replication.

    When it comes to the future, one of the most important things that shows the support of MariaDB in the community is that all major Linux distributions are supporting MariaDB and that most of them have now MariaDB instead of MySQL as default database.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Welcome @ Michael Widenius,
      we know MariaDB can be installed on Mac OS using Homebrew. But what exactly is Homebrew? Many claims its a package Manager. But is it?

      Homebrew isn’t a package manager, it’s a ports system. It is Free and Opensource application. we understand porting and installing are two different things. Hence kept Mac OS out of this list.

      For your rest of findings we really appreciate you and need to confirm before updating it to the article.

      • I would say homebrew is both a package system and a distribution channel (similar to rpm packages and rpm package repositories)

        For example, the steps to install MariaDB on MacOS are:

        brew # Install homebrew
        brew update
        brew search mariadb # Check MariaDB version provided
        brew install mariadb
        unset TMPDIR

        # Start MariaDB
        cd /usr/local/Cellar/mariadb/5.2.6 ; /usr/local/Cellar/mariadb/5.2.6/bin/mysqld_safe –datadir=/usr/local/var/mysql

        It’s a few mores steps than just doing ‘yum install mariadb’, but it
        does provide MariaDB for MacOSX users.

        This is documented in detail at:

  5. chayn123 says:

    I appreciate what you are doing for the Linux community!

    Thank you

  6. Carpet says:

    Still got no idea why big company like Wikipedia and Google change their database system for MySQL to MariaDB, just because the latter one is free?

  7. dreadwolf says:

    Please, please, learn how not to use capital letters.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      @ dreadwolf,
      please make us learn where to use and where not to use CAPITAL LETTERS. Your suggestions are welcome.

      • Hussam Al-Tayeb says:

        “And anyone running Linux Seriously must know that the ‘M‘ of LAMP stack has changed.”
        It should be ‘seirously’ and not ‘Seriously’ in this sentence for example. You only capitalize pronouns in the middle of a sentence.

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