Watch Favorite Movies/TV Shows Online Using “Popcorn Time” in Your Linux Desktop

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32 Responses

  1. Juwan says:

    What is the 3.8 popcorn time command?

  2. mohamed says:

    So popcorn time is banned in many countries but I can tell you its not in the middle east, I have been using it since they have released the very first version, but its partially not our fault since services like netflix and hulu do not support our region and blocks any activity using vpn

  3. mokhtar says:

    ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/’: No such file or directory

  4. jesusguevarautomotriz says:

    Hi I try to follow your instructions to install Popcorn Time on my Debian 7.8 Whezzy, but I damaged my desktop environment.
    My system boots in console mode tty1 not load the Gnome desktop.
    Start session in conosola mode and write
    $ startx

    /usr/bin/X: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    xinit: giving up
    xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused
    xinit: server error

    I will try to delete the symlink created to see if the problem is solved.


    We watched a movie on Popcorn in Germany and subsequently found ourselves in a LAW SUIT. We must pay 815,- euros. They say we made this movie available to the entire world. That’s not true, we just downloaded it and watched. BUT the lawyer we subsequently got, informed us that we have absolutely no defence. The lawyer said: Popcorn is illegal, and when you download from it your computer does something that’s called uploading just as well.
    That you didn’t know it was illegal doesn’t count. You’re supposed to know.
    Now the lawyer is trying to get it down to 100,- euro fine, but the lawyer costs 480,- euros too. For we watched several movies and series and the lawyer said that if we beat them to sending us the next fine, they are probably able to restrict the damage to this one fine. Otherwise we would have to pay 815,- over and over again.
    TERRIBLE !!! Of course I asked what we could do against Popcorn and the answer was nothing. So each individual watcher eats shit, while the real culprit makes money.
    If anyone knows of a way to hold Popcorn responsible, please let me know. Maybe there is a bond somewhere of other victims of them. There should be laws against such people, but there aren’t at present, said the lawyer. Of course lawyers are making nice money too of it, so they won’t bring other victims into contact with each other.
    Get my message out there, for there are thousands of people, who got into trouble already.

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