20 Funny Commands of Linux or Linux is Fun in Terminal

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128 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Ya know… My boss back in the late 80’s would say that games are what truly sell computers. He was right!

    I now say… If you’re trying to sell the Linux CLI to a would be Windoze admin that you’re trying to nudge into the “light”, this is what the doctor ordered! Just have these all loaded up so the GUI genius will feel more at home. Oh! Just watch while they struggle to understand how to type again and unglue their right hand from the mouse—painful to see, but fun nonetheless!

  2. Reader says:

    Useful TOO! Haha. Let espeak read my books for me.

  3. gerard says:


  4. Nitesh says:

    Really, its very funny

  5. athisii ekhe says:

    wow nice Linux funny tricks, I like it men!!!

  6. Bhargav says:

    try xeyes

  7. Alex says:

    It’s awesome =)

  8. vinod says:

    Nice post Avishek… keep up the good work… really enjoyed by knowing such commands…

    Unix has everything :)

  9. Austin Texas says:

    How could you not list:
    potus@wh ~ $ apt moo

  10. Ryan says:

    These are some amazing commands, was looking for cmatrix but got a whole lot more. Just wanted to mention the odd typo for install as “insatll”. Keep up the good work.

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