10 MySQL Database Interview Questions for Beginners and Intermediates

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31 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    The most common SQL coding interview questions are listed in Matthew Urban’s book ” TOP 30 SQL Interview Coding Tasks”. Less than 100 pages include deeply-explained, most commonly used data manipulation queries, relationships modeling, aggregation, sorting, table joins, index and other top topics to discuss during the job interview. Very well written book.

  2. Venu Gopal says:

    Provide real time interview questions

  3. Sithembele says:

    It’s great, Thanks I find it useful, I want more in order to be Razor sharp in Mysql

  4. jatin says:

    Please mention the answers with the questions of the post
    So that fresher like me could understand

  5. Joseph in Atlanta says:

    OK… a few extra questions to ask/include on MySQL interview: (especially notable for DBA/admin)

    (1) Show the total amount of storage being used by each database under MySQL… organized by owner.
    (2) List the indexes for all tables in database “Sales”… and show me any tables which do not have indexes.
    (3) If MySQL database service is Not running, where do you look for problems/errors to correct.
    (4) If MySQL is not running, how do you find disk storage used by MySQL …storage FREE/avail for MySQL?
    (5) List all active connections to running MySQL DB… and what can you know about activity…
    (6) Discuss steps to move/copy a MySQL database from ServerA to ServerB ?
    (7) Comment on setup of ServerJ and ServerK for load balancing & fail-over operation, so BOTH stay updated?
    (8) Describe steps to backup or restore data/tables/index for database “blue” with other databases still running?

  6. Mahesh Jain says:

    Nice tutorials .. Waiting for next.

    • Ixplored says:

      Every MySql interview will have certain set of tough interview questions related to select and other queries. Also they will concentrate on few important topics.

  7. achha insaan says:

    very helpful !

  8. harsh vyas says:

    very nice and easy question answers.. thank you

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