6 Useful X-based (Gui Based) Linux Commands – Part II

In our first article on X-window (Gui Based) Linux commands, we’ve covered some useful and interesting Graphical commands. Adding to that list, here we again presenting 6 other useful X-based Linux commands/programs.

  1. 8 X-based Useful Linux Commands – Part I
X Window Linux Commands
6 X Window Linux Commands

9. Googlizer

This is one of the very handy and useful application which lets you search any text within the X-selection. Googlizer may not be available in your repo. On Debian Squeeze there is a package called “Googlizer” where as on Debian wheezy, the said package is not available in repo.

In case, the package is not available in repo, of the distribution you are using. You can always download the tarball from the links provided below and build it from there.

  1. http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/googlizer/0.1/

What’s special about Googlizer?

After installing Googlizer, put a launcher shortcut either on Dock bar or launcher. Just select the text, anywhere on X, and click the Googlizer shortcut launcher to search that text on Google.

For example, I’ve selected the Text ‘Tecmint‘ on a document file and clicked Googlizer application launcher. Here is the screen grab below for your reference.

Googlizer Search
Googlizer Search

As soon as I clicked the Googlizer application, my default web browser opened the Google search Engine and searched for the selected text.

Googlizer Results
Googlizer Results

10. xwininfo

The xwininfo is a very wonderful tool which runs in command line to provide detailed information about any already Opened X-window. We run the command in terminal and selected the browser window.

tecmint@localhost:~$ xwininfo
xwininfo Command
xwininfo Command

On selection, we got the detailed Windows Information right in our terminal, instantly.

xwininfo Preview
xwininfo Preview

11. xmag

The xmag is another beautiful application which comes handy specially for those who are visually impaired. xmag magnifies a part of x windows selection.

tecmint@localhost:~$ xmag
xmag Command
xmag Command

A part magnified, on selection.

xmag Preview
xmag Preview

12. xkbwatch

This application reports changes in the fundamental components of the XKB keyboard State. It actually is a XKB extension user utility.

tecmint@localhost:~$ xkbwatch
xkbwatch Command
xkbwatch Command

13. xclock

This is an interesting application. As soon as you run xclock in terminal, you get an Analogue clock in the GUI. Well if you are going to ask me, the use of this xclock in productivity, i am sorry! I myself could not figure out if there is any better use of this xclock other than a little fun. If you know much better use of this application feel free to give your view.

tecmint@localhost:~$ xclock
xclock Command
xclock Command

14. xgc

The Xgc opens up X windows Graphics demo. The xgc program demonstrates various features of the X graphics primitives.

tecmint@localhost:~$ xgc
xgc Command
xgc Command

Not to Mention, You would be aware of xedit which will open simple GUI Text editor and xcalc which will open GUI calculator. This is not the end. We do have a lot of X windows application both in the repository of almost all standard Linux Distribution as well as available from Third party.

If we find any other useful/funny X windows application we will create an article on that. If you know of any other X windows Application, Please make us know by commenting in our feedback section.

Moreover, we already have published an article on Funny Linux Commands which includes many of Funny X Windows Application. You may refer to that post by clicking the link below.

  1. 20 Funny Commands – Fun in Linux Terminal

I’ll be here again, with another interesting article. Till then Stay Healthy, Tuned and Connected to Tecmint. Don’t Forget to Provide us with your valuable feedback.

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    • Dear Niles,
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      There is nothing like OSX theme or anything special.

      Just Docky running on Unity on Debian GUI Server.


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