Fedora XFCE Installation

How to Install Fedora 36 XFCE Desktop Edition

Many Fedora users are unaware of the fact that you do get an option to choose other Desktop Environments apart from the default GNOME which we are used to downloading directly from their download

Install MySQL 8 in Fedora

How to Install MySQL 8 in Fedora 36 Linux

MySQL is one of the oldest and most reliable open-source relational database management systems which is trusted and used by millions of users on daily basis. Since Fedora has recently announced their new version

Install EPEL Repo in RHEL 9

How to Install EPEL Repository in RHEL 9 Linux

Installing the EPEL repository is one of the most recommended steps after you install RHEL 9. To make things easy for you, we are not just going to show you installation steps but rather