Linux Network Information Tool

What IP – A Network Information Tool for Linux

What IP is a graphical-based simple network information tool which provides information about IP address and listening ports. It is written in Python and GTK3. It is released under GPL3 license and the source

Create Network Bridge in Ubuntu

How to Configure Network Bridge in Ubuntu

Linux supports the implementation of a software network bridge to reproduce the function of a network bridge, a networking device that interconnects two or more communication networks or network segments providing a way for

Configure IPv6 Network on CentOS

How to Configure IPv6 Network on CentOS/RHEL 8

IPv6 addressing was developed in anticipation of depletion of the IPv4 addresses. It is meant to solve the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses through the use of a much wider network addressing space. An IPv6

Configure IP Network Connection

How to Configure IP Network with ‘nmtui’ Tool

An alternative for the nmcli is the nmtui, short for Network Manager Text User Interface, the nmtui is yet another handy tool that allows you to easily configure your network interfaces in Linux distributions