10 Famous IT Skills in Demand That Will Get You Hired

In continuation of our last article [Top 10 Operating Systems in demand] which was highly appreciated by the Tecmint community, we here in this article aims at throwing light on top IT skills that will help you land to your dream job.

As mentioned in the first article these data and statistics are supposed to be change with the change in demand and market. We will try our best to update the list whenever there is any major changes. All the statistics are produced on the basis of close study of Job boards, postings and requirements by several IT companies across the globe.

1. VMware

The visualization and cloud computing software designed by Vmware Inc. tops the List. Vmware claims to commercially virtualize x86 architecture for the first time. VMware demand has increased upto 16% in the last quarter.

Latest stable Release: 11.0

2. MySQL

The open source Relational Database Management System falls second in the list. Until 2013 it was the second most widely used RDBMS. MySQL demand has increased upto 11% in the last quarter. The very famous MariaDB has been forked out of MySQL after Oracle Corp. Owned it.

Latest Stable Release : 5.6.23

3. Apache

The open source cross platform web (HTTP) server stands third in the list. Apache demand has increased to more than 13% in the last quarter.

Latest Stable Release : 2.4.12

4. AWS

Amazon web services is a collection of remote computing services offered by Amazon.com. Aws made to the list at number four. AWS demand has shown a growth of nearly 14% in the last quarter.

5. Puppet

The configuration Management System used in setting up IT Infrastructure comes at number five. It is written in Ruby and follows Client-server architecture. The demand of puppet has grown above 9% in the last quarter.

Latest Stable Release : 3.7.3

6. Hadoop

Hadoop is a open source software framework written in Java to process big data. It stands at position six in the list. The demand of Hadoop has gone upto 0.2% in the last quarter.

Latest Stable Release : 2.6.0

7. Git

The famous distributed control system written initially by Linus Torvalds made to the list at number seven. The demand of Git has gone above 7% in the last quarter.

Latest Stable Release : 2.3.4

8. Oracle PL/SQL

The procedural extension for SQL by Oracle corp. stands at position eight. PL/SQL is included in Oracle Database since Oracle 7. It has shown a decline of nearly 8% in the last quarter.

9. Tomcat

Open source web server and servlet container comes at position number nine. It has shown a growth in demand of nearly 15% in the last quarter.

Latest Stable Release : 8.0.15

10. SAP

The most famous Enterprise Resource Planning Software stands at position ten. The demand of SAP has shown a growth of nearly 3.5% in last quarter.

1. VMware 16% +
2. MySQL 11% +
3. Apache 13% +
4. Amazon web services (AWS) 14% +
5. Puppet 9% +
6. Hadoop 0.2% +
7. Git 7% +
8. Oracle PL/SQL 8% –
9. Tomcat 15% +
10. SAP 3.5% +

That’s all for now. I’ll be here with the next part of the series following. Till then stay tuned. Stay Connected. Stay Commenting. Don’t forget to provide us with your feedback. Like and share us and help us get spread.

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