Deal: Get proXPN VPN Lifetime Subscription for $39 – Save 89% off

In today age, VPN’s are very important tool to use, when we surrounded with free unsecured WiFi zones, working without a virtual private network means you’re keeping your personal data to be exposed by anyone on the web. So, it’s important to use VPN tool to make sure that your information won’t stolen by any cyber thieves.

There are numerous popular VPN services available on the web, one such includes proXPN, which provides encrypted layer to secure your data across a global networks and allows you to browser the web without any hassle, additionally it unblocks Geo-locked content so that you can surf freely around the world.

We are presently offering a premium lifetime subscription account to proXPN VPN for just $39 and save nearly 90% off retail value with out Tecmint Deals.

With this premium account, you will have unlimited traffic bandwidth, quick access to their VPN networks across worldwide, a protected WiFi connection with a masked IP address and much more. There is also a proXPN VPN mobile application for Android and iOS, which allows you to surf web on your mobile device as well without any problems.

If you don’t know what is proXPN VPN?, is a network of super-fast servers across the world to protect your online presence without sacrificing connection speeds. Their global network also gives the access to Geo-blocked content, including Skype and Netflix for watching movies.

Additionally, you also get a choice to select 512-bit encryption, which uses a strong 2048-bit encryption key. You will get two protocols to select – OpenVPN or PPTP and VPN Guard allows you to choose which applications will shut down automatically when connections to proXPN VPN drops.

ProXPN account features:

  1. Unlimited traffic bandwidth.
  2. Quick access to proXPN’s network across worldwide.
  3. Secure Wi-Fi connection on a public networks with a masked IP address.
  4. 512-bit encrypted browsing with a strong 2048-bit Encryption Key.
  5. OpenVPN or PPTP encryption options.
  6. Support for Mobile device.
  7. VPN Guard protection.
  8. Easy setup & use

Don’t leave your personal information or data to anyone on the web – get a lifetime subscription to proXPN for just $39 today and save 89% off.

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