How to Setup NFS (Network File System) on RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu

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Tarunika Shrivastava

I am a linux server admin and love to play with Linux and all other distributions of it. I am working as System Engineer with a Web Hosting Company.

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121 Responses

  1. Sai Prasad Manchikanti says:

    Thank you for the article. I think you need to add the line “run exportfs -a command” after creating a entry in /etc/exports file without running that command shares wont be accessible from clients.

  2. Ghata Saxena says:


    I have mounted directory from windows server to Linux server. When I run mount -a on Linux server, it gives error:

    mount.nfs: /directory_name is busy or already mounted.

    I want to know the root cause for this. I know this can be solved by unmounting that directory and mounting again but what is the root cause?

  3. RL says:

    This information is spread out in so many places across the web, so thank you for this concise write-up.

    I got this up and running except I’m unable to permanently mount the export directory so that my client automatically loads it. I did something bad to fstab and my computer (R Pi) would not boot. Had no choice but to reformat it.

    Got it to work fine by manually mounting, so I know I’m close…thanks for any pointers!

  4. Leonard Mbibi says:

    First, I thank you for your lessons, they’re one of the best.

    In preparation for the LFCS exam, knowing that some commands are deprecated and some files changed, for example:

    [[email protected] ~]# /etc/init.d/portmap start
    [[email protected] ~]# /etc/init.d/nfs start
    [[email protected] ~]# chkconfig --level 35 portmap on
    [[email protected] ~]# chkconfig --level 35 nfs on

    These are not available in latest Centos 7.

    Does one has a choice of the version of Linux machine to use in the exam? As I am new to Linux, I am only conversant with latest commands.


  5. Jim Fecteau says:

    Excellent summary of the topic. Thank you!

  6. jagan says:

    clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered (how to solve)

  7. Gautam says:

    Thank you so much for sharing article and easy to understand and helpful.

  8. Zafar says:

    Hi Tarunika,

    Thanks for such a nice article on NFS server and client. It will help the readers to resolve NFS related issue.

    Best Regards

  9. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Hi ,

    Thank you for sharing this article, very helpful 

  10. sivakrishna says:

    Hi ,

    Thank you for sharing this article, very helpful ,

    when we are mounting with rw permissions in client side, can we restrict root/normal user to delete this nfs shared folders from client side.

    My Export config in server side

    /files   (rw,all_squash,anonuid=99,anongid=99)

    Mounting with below command

    mount -t nfs -o rw   ipaddresss:/files/frontend_shared /fe_shared/

    please advise.


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