Install Hadoop Multinode Cluster using CDH4 in RHEL/CentOS 6.5

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Kuldeep Kulkarni

I'm Kuldeep Kulkarni - Crazy about Linux, Hadoop etc open-source technologies!! By profession I'm Senior system engineer and hadoop administrator in well known IT industry since 2011. Always enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge via blogs :)

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46 Responses

  1. Alin Sbarnaure says:

    Hi there, very nice tutorial, but I am stack at step 11, my system is not allowing me to create those files, what can I do?

    I am using virtual box, with Cent OS 6.6 i686.

    The services are all runing but I can not access the web interface.

    Please help, I use this tutorial for my master degree project, please.

    Best Regards,
    Alin Sbarnaure

  2. Arjun says:

    Hi kuldeep,

    can you guide me for cloudera certification..??

    • yeah sure! there are two types of certifications for CDH.

      one is for hadoop admin and other one is for hadoop dev. please let me know which type of certification are you interested in.

      • Mathan says:

        Hi Kuldeep, thanks for the great article.
        Please let me know about cdh admin certification.
        Please let me know if companies are currently using cdh 5 and which one we can start with.


  3. thelinuxfaq says:


    This post is very helpful for my Hadoop beginning , but my requirement is, How can use “Hadoop-fuse” for mount few servers. Please guide me.??

  4. LThai says:

    Hi Kuldeep, thanks for the very clear instruction.
    I followed to this step:
    > alternatives –verbose –install /etc/hadoop/conf hadoop-conf /etc/hadoop/conf.my_cluster 50 reading /var/lib/alternatives/hadoop-conf

    and received this msg:
    usage: alternatives –install
    [–initscript ]…..

    Is it the right syntax? THanks.

  5. matt says:

    thanks kuldeep. I have gone through the steps above the jobtracker and tasktracker successfully start but i cant view the JT on my browser. I have Apache running on my linux machine prior to the hadoop installation, could this affect JT or TT?

  6. Hey Matt,

    Can you please try “/usr/sbin/alternatives” ? in case you face issue again please paste the error here, I will help you.

  7. matt says:

    Hi, the alternatives command did not work for me, I guess its a syntax issue

  8. Hi Debabrata Pattanaik,

    Can you please let me know what services have u configured on slave ? only datanode and
    tasktracker should be running on it. can you please check logs on new slave if both the services are running properly and master nodes(NN & JT) are ping’able from new slave ? also if services are running fine on slave and masters are reachable/pingable from new slave then can you please try dfsadmin -refreshnode command on namenode ?

  9. Debabrata Pattanaik says:

    Hi Kuldeep ,
    I have configured hadoop cluster with one master and one slave . Now to add one more slave I just cloned existing slave and created a new one . I then configured ssh for new slave and updated slaves config file in master with slave dns names . I restarted everything but it’s not working for me and it only detects the old one not the new one . Please help me on this if I missed something to add a new slave to a existing cluster

  10. Vandana kumari says:

    i am a newbie and want to install cdh4 on a single node. what are the changes i have to make?

    • Kuldeep Kulkarni says:

      Its very easy on single node. Just do all above steps on only single machine and update configurations as per guideline. assume that master and node are same.

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