Kali Linux – Fresh Installation Guide

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Rob Turner

Rob Turner is an avid Debian user as well as many of the derivatives of Debian such as Devuan, Mint, Ubuntu, and Kali. Rob holds a Masters in Information and Communication Sciences as well as several industry certifications from Cisco, EC-Council, ISC2, Linux Foundation, and LPI.

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15 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    So you need to be running Linux to install linux?
    What do you do if you only have Windows?

  2. Ritesh Benjwal says:

    Thanks for this in-depth article. But i prefer virtual box for kali Linux.

    Keep sharing. .

  3. pugaz says:

    unable to ssh to my newly installed kali Linux box. Have installed and enabled ssh service, disabled ufw

  4. Heri Mosses says:

    Its a very helpful article but why do i get a problem after the keyboard selection? it says mounting Cd rom failed even-though i am using bootable usb drive?

  5. Vansh says:

    Omg thanks man this helped me so much this article is so underrated this should be on top of google. Thanks

  6. mogorosi says:

    I have installed Kali Linux, but it rejected my password what might be the problem? because I used my name as password how would I forget my name?

    • Rob Turner says:


      Did you actually install Kali? The live version and some older versions of Kali will have a root password or ‘toor’ without the quotes. If you have forgotten your root password, there is still a way to recover it by booting into single user mode.

  7. Micael Engrácia says:

    Very nice article Rob Turner, I love the article , you made this very easy and clear instructions to install Kali. By the way I created a infographic about Kali Linux, I thought it will be a nice addition to article, if you are interested check my infographic.

    Keep up the good job Rob!

  8. OKCarl says:

    We need a follow up tutorial on the how to of carving out a big persistence partition. Penetration Testers need a lot of free space to store their dictionary / wordlists.

    • Rob Turner says:


      This guide goes through a persistent install of Kali on a hard drive not an install on a USB drive. Anything done after Kali is installed using this method, will be saved as a result.

  9. UPP says:

    Kali is great and it should be essential in the repertoire of any serious system administrator….

  10. kumar says:

    Hi, very nice article

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