Deal: Learn Professional Certified Data Science with Python Course (90% Off)

Today, data science and analytics are essential components for making relevant business decisions at companies of all sizes. Of course, collecting, managing, and analyzing mass amounts of data requires a lot more than simply typing into a spreadsheet or other data analysis software.

With The Certified Professional Data Science with Python Bundle, you’ll learn Python – a general purpose, cross-platform programming language that has become popular among computer programmers especially for data science, due to its easy-to-learn features and syntax.

Manipulate data like a pro and score high-paying jobs by learning to leverage Python’s remarkable power and useful features, with this course at 90% off on Tecmint Deals.

In this two-course bundle, you’ll not only learn Python, but also learn how to manipulate data using Python, gaining an invaluable, highly lucrative skill that can enable you secure high-paying data jobs in any industry.

You’ll access 2 in-depth courses 24/7 and learn how to describe each stage of the data analytics process, explain basic statistical concepts relevant to data analytics, then, install and setup the Python environment; other auxiliary tools and libraries.

Furthermore, you’ll review important concepts of Python programming used to implement data science, demonstrate the use of Python libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, scikit-learn and Matplotlib to carry out different data projects. Additionally, you’ll as well make use of different tools and methods to perform web scraping.

The length of time users can access this course is 180 days and importantly, a certificate of completion included, awarded at the end of the course.

Build your data science and analytics skills, secure a high-paying job with this course as low as $49 on Tecmint Deals.

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1 thought on “Deal: Learn Professional Certified Data Science with Python Course (90% Off)”

  1. The data science learning programs these days are really trending but what matters is the best platform from where we can have this. I can have a clear view that your training program will improve the technical skills as python is the base but yet I feel like you are missing one of the best data science learning alternatives out there:

    theDevMasters! Mastering Applied Data Science is actually very competitively priced to all of these programs listed while being one of the most extensive programs that include 250+ of content that provides hands-on experience with computer vision, deep learning, & natural language processing, which are the three aspects no industry worthy data scientist should ignore.


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