Deal: Learn Python Programming with Ultimate Python Coding Bundle $49

Python is a programming language that is used not only for web projects, but for desktop and server side applications as well. It is used by both developers and system administrators for all kind of different applications.

Learn Python Programming
The Ultimate Python Coding Bundle $49

It you are seriously thinking about becoming a professional developer, then the Ultimate Python Coding Bundle is definitely for you.

The course aims to walk you through from Python’s basics to mastering different Python frameworks to build responsive websites and data visualizations. The bundle includes several different programs that will teach you different aspects of python.

The programs are as follow:

  1. Master Python – learn how to setup your environment, learn python syntax, create reusable code and build your own packages
  2. Build Responsive Website with Bootstrap – learn how to create custom web layouts and find out how to create to produce retina-ready graphics for any device
  3. Learn Git – find out how to create a git repository and track versions of your projects, contribute to different projects, engage other people with your projects and work together
  4. Master D3.js – learn how to create reusable charts for browser and interactive single page applications
  5. Building Responsive Data Visualizations with D3.js – learn the basic structures of D3.js and construct different D3 visualizations
  6. Rapid Flask – learn the micro framework Rapid Flask and master the web development with it.
  7. Learning Flask – dive deep into Flask’s to complete your Python developing skills

All you have learned will be tested in a live project that you will create. You will be able to see how your code changed from beginning of this course towards its progress. In the end you should be able to work with all of the afford mentioned frameworks.

This deal is normally priced a $428, but TecMint readers can take a full 88% off, which makes it a great deal for just $49. Hurry up and signup now!

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