Deal: Learn Hacking with White Hat Hacker Bundle (7-Courses)

One of the easiest way to protect your identity online is to get familiar with the latest security flaws and techniques used in data breaches. With the proper training, you can learn the concepts of “positive hacking” to protect yourself and company, developing a demandable skillset in the process. Positive methods are now available securely in the White Hat Hacker Bundle, a great new offer from Tecmint Deals in which you select the price.

Learn Hacking with White Hat Hacker Bundle
Learn Hacking with White Hat Hacker Bundle

The White Hat Hacker Bundle is a strong path in the door in a extensive understanding of the basics of hacking. Through a bundle of 7 top-level courses guide you through all levels of web security, firewall breaches, password hacking, code vulnerabilities and more.

With the “Pay What You Want” format, you can choose how much you want to pay for the course, which includes:

  1. The Complete Hacking Course: Go from Novice to Advanced
  2. Learn Wi-Fi Hacking/Penetration Testing From Scratch
  3. Windows Exploit Development Megaprimer
  4. Intensive Ethical Hacking Series
  5. Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series
  6. Node.js Security: Pentesting & Exploitation
  7. Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks for Pentesters

Here’s how it works:

During purchase, you will receive two courses that will guide you on white hat hacking for a very low price, as you want to pay. If you hit the average price, you will get the entire 7-course bundle.

There is also a leaderboard, that displays the most top contributors. If you show up at the leaderboard, you will get chance to win new Apple TV giveaway. If you make it to the top, you get five entries to the giveaway.

Also, 10% of all the profits are given to the Save The Children organization, that gives a good start to children and protect them from harm.

By the way, this 7-course set is valued at $765, so that means you’re saving a lot of money here!

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