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Tecmint is a young and vibrant Technology solution Company which specialize broadly in Open Source Platform which include many flavors of Linux OS. The aim of our organization being to be a master and leader in the Open source industry. Our website today provides recommendations and solutions to the dynamic community of IT Engineers based on their queries for their day to day challenges.

We fundamentally believe that the comfort to administer an Open source system in an efficient way is the key to encourage the use of Open source platform and thereby making a positive change in the world around you.

Our biggest testimony to this theory is the level of feedback we receive from the elite community of System Admins. Simplicity and Efficiency is the core to the success of promoting Open Source based systems and at Tecmint we are committed to support such challenges faced by the Engineers around the globe and thus bring about the Global change towards the Open Source industry.

Moving forward, this would be the ideal time to initiate our diversified services which may help our readers and clients. We would like to extend our technical expertise in this field to achieve your goals with ease. We assure our customer with highest quality of services and affordable price. We also provide 24/7 customers and technical support by our qualified team.

Our Managed Linux Services and Support

OS Installation

  1. RHEL 7, CentOS 7 and Fedora
  2. Debain, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
  3. OpenSuse or Arch Linux

Web Server

  1. Installation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  2. Installation of LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP)
  3. Installation of LLMP (Linux, Lighttd, MySQL and PHP)
  4. Setting Up Websites, Customization and Optimization
  5. Configuration of PHP and Apache Modules like CGI, Perl, PHP, etc.
  6. Creating SSL Certificates for Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd
  7. Tomcat Installation and Integration with Apache
  8. Web Server Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement

Database Server

  1. Installation and Configuration of MySQL/MariaDB Database
  2. Importing/Exporting of Databases
  3. Migration of Databases
  4. Replication of Databases
  5. Automatic Backups of Databases
  6. Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement of Database

Mail Server – Postfix, Exim, Qmail and Sendmail

  1. Installation and Configuration of Mail Server
  2. Setting Up MX, SPF, DPKG Records for Domain
  3. Installation of Web mail Applications like Squirrelmail or Roundcube
  4. Installation and Configuration of Spam and Antivirus Tools
  5. Integration of Web Based Tool Manage mail Users
  6. Mail Integration with MySQL/MariaDB engine
  7. Testing incoming and outgoing Mails

DNS Server

  1. DNS Setup including Master/Slave
  2. Management of DNS Zones
  3. DNS Server Security

Linux Monitoring – Nagios

  1. Installation and configuration of Nagios Monitoring Server
  2. Adding Linux/Windows/Printers/Devices to Nagios Server
  3. Email Alert Notification Integration

Linux Security

  1. Disable/Remove unwanted services
  2. Firewall Integration
  3. OS / Packages / Kernel Patch updates
  4. System Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning

Other Linux Services

  1. Squid/Proxy Setup with ACL Support
  2. NFS Server/Client Setup
  3. FTP Setup with User Management
  4. Samba Integration
  5. Any custom requirements of Users

Migration from Windows to Linux

  1. Windows to Linux Server
  2. Novell Netware to Linux Server
  3. MS Exchange Server to Qmail/Postfix
  4. Send mail to Qmail/Postfix
  5. Windows Desktop to Linux Desktop
  6. Windows AD to Samba

Migration from Joomla to WordPress

If you’re looking to switch your current Joomla based website to WordPress, then you are at right place, we will migrate all your articles, pages, comments, categories, users and other useful data from your Joomal to WordPress site.

Customer is a king asset, TecMint provides the services to our valued customers in the best possible manner. We make sure that issues has been addressed as quickly as possible without causing inconvenience to our clients. All our communication channels are open round the clock to our clients. We believes in building long relationship with all our clients.

Mission – Our mission is to provide cutting edge technology solutions to diverse range of clients irrespective of business, size and location.

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  1. I am very very new to Linux and I have a Chromebook Lenovo AMD A6 laptop. I do not know what OS I have I do not think my laptop was set up even on the Chrome OS which I have the original and had to upgrade due to the fact I can’t log in to my Gmail accounts on the user pages.

    I would like to see on the site is an app to take notes If you show me what hackers are blocking my credit cards I would be more than happy to donate to your sites and refer. I am interested in becoming certified as an admin for cyber security plus just to understand the technical aspect I sell technology but I manage the project managers and technical engineers.


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