Which Career to Choose: Programmer Vs Administrator

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155 Responses

  1. shehzad says:

    same Problem as discuss by @Sai Sanjai
    Plz Answer

  2. Luca M. says:

    Great article,
    most of the arguments are real, but sysops do create as developers and developers propose and suggest enhancements to sysops as far as both sides respects each other…

    Thanks for your article,


  3. Jacob says:

    Hi. I have always been a fanatic of tecmint. I want to ask for suggestion for a career move. I used to be a tech support with a little knowledge on server for 4 years, then I am a programmer now in the same company for 2 years. I want to focus on Linux system administration career but sadly many companies are hiring a expert level of Linux system admin. How I can I get into Linux system admin job when my experience is not enough? And lastly, is there any company that hire for a newbie Linux admin that will later on be trained?

    Thank you so much. And God bless

  4. suresh says:

    Hi , I am Very happy with your clarification . Thank you .

  5. dave says:

    Are you saying that C was the first programming language or the first language that you learned….it sounds like the former, which is not correct.

  6. kupi says:


    I have 4 years experience in system administration(Windows & Linux).
    Not it is very much boring. everyday i’m doing the same routing work. Backup, restore, patch update, monitoring.. getting bored.

    I’m having good knowledge in core java. I’m teaching java to my cousin. and also I got interested in programming.

    Is there any way to change my career from administration / monitoring /maintenance.


    • Jyothish says:

      Hello Kupi,
      My problem is just opposite to yours. I’v 3 years of experience in PHP programming. But now am tired of coding. And now am trying to get RHCE certified. When Am reading you comment with my thoughts, I could conclude that we people cannot leave either coding or administration. So I choose one to be my profession and another to be my passion. No other solution. :-)

  7. vaibhav rokade says:


    This articles help me lot.keep going on this type of articles It will help to the newcomer.

    thanxs. God gives you all the strength.

  8. Sai Sanjai says:

    I’m also in same problem..
    I have completed my project on Asp.net & Completed Windows System administration and Network administration..
    Now, I’m in confusion about which way is better to go..
    I love both programming & Administration…
    As U said..
    I fell like Programming is my First Love..
    Can you please help me to choose which way is better to my career..
    Which Field has Growth..

  9. ywliu says:

    to be one of DevOps… the best of both world…. :)

  10. Abhishek says:

    Great article, but I was searching for a definite answer. I know it all depends on me, but I love to manage servers and play with networking stuff. At the same time I am extremely inclined towards coding, especially C. Is there a better of the two given that I am 50-50 towards each side :D Lol, just a query!!

    • Avishek says:

      @ Abhishek, You May Love Both, both may fascinate you but after all you have to choose one as your career, the one for which you could wake up every morning Happily! and this only matters at the last. Hope it helps

    • Dave says:

      I have been a SysAdmin for 20 years. If you are a programmer, you do NOT get to touch the systems at a low level. You must work on the program you are assigned by your manager. If you are a SysAdmin, you get to work with the servers from the ground up. From unpacking it, to releasing it into the wild for the programmers, database administrators, application administrators, etc to work on. Plus, you have specialty servers that no one ever gets to touch, but they run needed services that everyone relies on. IN ADDITION, there is a LOT of opportunity to write code as a SysAdmin. At a minimum ALL SysAdmins must be able to write shell scripts. If you know Perl, Python, or any compiled language, you can use ALL of those to write scripts and programs that you need to get your job done. Those are the most interesting programs to write. There is a lot of room to be creative and write code as a SysAdmin. As a programmer, you will not get to do any system administration tasks unless you work for a small company. Yes, there are some boring tasks (e.g. backups) to the job, but EVERY job has boring tasks that must be done.

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