Deal: Get 3-Year Subscription to Codeanywhere Powerful Cloud-Based Editor $59

If you are a programmer you probably know how annoying it can get to constantly work from single computer in order to update your code. Well the guys from Codeanywhere have decided to change this by building an innovative cross platform coding application that allows you to continue your code from practically every device including – android phone, iOS device, laptop or desktop PC.

Code Editor for Web Development
Get 3-Year Subscription to Codeanywhere Cloud IDE for $59

We will hurry up to tell the sceptical ones, that Codeanywhere comes with custom keyboard on mobile devices so it won’t affect your productivity. But this is not all of what you get. The platform provides you with option to work on your own container where you can start building your projects. It has got a terminal input so you can even execute shell commands.

We will try to list some of the features included with the service, pardon us if we don’t manage to get them all in here:

  1. Syntax highlighting for wide range of different languages
  2. Auto-completion
  3. FTP and SFTP clients (if you need to connect to remote FTP server)
  4. Dropbox client
  5. Github client
  6. Sandbox client
  7. Easily copy/paste files between servers
  8. Share your projects with others
  9. Easy collaboration
  10. Customized keyboard for developers
  11. Auto-indentation
  12. Advanced search (including regex)
  13. Code folding
  14. Word wrap

Coding no longer has to be hard and done from office. It can be done literally from everywhere as long as you have internet connection. We know that the input method is rather different and unusual on touch devices, it is something we are sure you will get used to really fast. Further more you will find it comfortable and easy going.

Tecmint readers can take 76% off a 3-Year Subscription to Codeanywhere for a limited time, at a final cost of just $59.

Get ready to get your productivity to a whole new level!

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