How to Setup a Complete Mail Server (Postfix) using ‘SquirrelMail’ (Webmail) on Ubuntu/Debian

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119 Responses

  1. Rahim says:

    I tried, but not connecting to squirrel mail in my computer, looks like something is missing in this tutorial.

  2. Flare says:

    When I try to log into my Squirrelmail web interface there comes this:
    Error connecting to IMAP server:
    111 : Connection refused

    What can I do? What is wrong?

  3. MAHESH says:


  4. xoxo says:

    May 30 15:19:05 mailaitlb dovecot: imap(myusername): Error: open(/var/mail/myusername) failed: Permission denied (euid=1003(myusername) egid=1003(myusername) missing +w perm: /var/mail, we’re not in group 8(mail), dir owned by 0:8 mode=0775)
    May 30 15:19:05 mailaitlbdovecot: imap(myusername): Error: Failed to autocreate mailbox INBOX: Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2017-05-30 15:19:05]

    I’m getting this error. Please help me.

  5. Zabeeh says:

    Hello After completion of all the step mention. I wanted to access the server through browser but it showing not found. Can you assist


    hello is it use for bulk email

  7. Jhony says:

    Hi, is it possible to sync with outlook with this configuration? how can i do?

  8. pekul says:

    Sendmail not working after following this instruction and this is not sending any mail.

  9. Dima HIjazi says:

    my domain name is
    I try to send mail but the same error appear every time : “Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected :”

    Can anyone help me

    • what I have found is that this is most likely gmail’s spam filter blocking you. This is usually for new domains and stuff. To test this send an email to a yahoo account and see if it goes through. I have yet to find a fix for this issue though.

      • Christopher McKenzie says:

        I meant spam filter, not firewall. *sigh* This is why you should always proofread things and why forums and comment sections should always have an edit button.

  10. Wali says:

    It works good, but how can I configure it to Icedove.
    I also want to configure my webmail on my mobile phone.

    Thank you.

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