July 31, 2020: Celebrate “System Administrator Appreciation Day” Today

Friday July 31st, 2020 is witnessing 21st System Administrator Appreciation Day. System Administrator Appreciation Day also known as Sysadmin Day, SysAdminDay, SAD or SAAD is celebrated on the last Friday of July every Year.

System Administrator Appreciation Day
System Administrator Appreciation Day

Story behind System Administrator Appreciation Day

Ted Kekatos, a System Administrator by profession got inspired by an Advertisement in Hewlett-Packard Magazine where an Administrator is greeted in the form of flowers and fruit-baskets by thankful co-workers for their new printer installed.

Kekatos idea was further recognized and promoted by lots of IT organizations and professional including the ‘League of Professional System Administrator‘, SAGE/USENIX, etc.

The first System Administrator Appreciation Day was celebrated on July 28, 2000. And since then celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day every year gets a worldly recognition and today we reached the figure 21st.

Significance of this Day

Celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day is a way to Honor a person who is responsible for upkeep, configuration, Up-to mark Operation of Computer Systems and Server.

A day when we want to say thanks to a person who ensures performance, uptime, resource, security, install, upgrade, automate task, troubleshoot, provides technical support, along with meeting the need of User and the company he is working for within the resource and budget he is provided with.

This 24 hour celebration is an honest way to feel proud of a person who:
  1. Analyze potential issues and logs.
  2. Keep himself/herself updated with new technologies and integrate it into data center.
  3. Performs routine audit of software and System.
  4. Updates System.
  5. Apply patches.
  6. Configure System and Software.
  7. Add and Configure new hardware and software.
  8. One person whom you trust for security, project documentation.
  9. Troubleshoot and Performance System Tuning.
  10. Creates, Manage and Maintains Network Infrastructure.

Simply, a person who works 365 days a year (Yeah 365, Leave him/her on SAAD) behind the scene just to provide a nice and secure platform you can work with.

System Administrator is the only person who gets recognition (although, the other way) when he commits something wrong.

How to Celebrate

Well celebration always means beyond words. Chocolates, Cards, Cake, Ice Cream, Pizza, Balloons, Flowers, fruits, Pile of CASH just adds to the list.

Many online business gives special offers as an honor to IT professionals and System Administrators this day. This is the one special day when you recognize your System Administrator for their contribution and all other things they do for you and your organization.

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