Understanding Java Compiler and Java Virtual Machine – Part 4

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3 Responses

  1. priya says:

    JVM allows Java portability to execute within platform and hardware-independent applications. many thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Priya says:

    JVM is a very important concept in Java, many thanks for sharing this article. keep blogging.

  3. dillon wesley stewart says:

    When interest in virtual machinery began exploding in popularity, enabling so much in the Cloud storage ability, Networking in multiple device platforms, and in the limitless possible efforts developed in ap design since(bug fix, pre-run time, beta,etc…)itwas easy, even as a novice computer user(still have little clue) to see the potential in both possitive and negative usage.
    It has become a prevelent method by which email scams for compiling information/data and financial activity of nefarious origins are so prevelent now that I say,”p-sha!!!”
    Reading about the linux kernal earlier this year, and the many anomolys discovered in the brand new hp win8.1 laptop I received as a birthday present brought my attention to the basic principles which enable the loopback interface and java compiler to function as designed. Having had read virtual theory and aplicable practice, as well as beta testing since 11′ some of these platforms now regularly utilized now in almost every smartphone and computer which includes adobe or google+ storage and a number of other aps now grown huge since, all this enabled me to be far less unaware of those instances where recognizing the java platform’s flaw/s. These begin in the char created within the kernel, establishing a runtime bios not native to the initial bios initiated in factory design. As a result, and as a result of the incredible loss of data speeds, due to the compiler having to rewrite, in “realtime”, for its virtual java platform/ap/machine. This is alarming for several reasons:who would wish to enjoy the benefit of a birthday gift with 6g ram which opperates as if it carries 512mb?
    the char creates a gap of an exponentially large defenseless week point for anyone to further institute virtual runtime machinery compiled ether alongside, parented, or in a hidden/background process that ultimately creates an ownership conflict between the java compiler and the owner of the bios (owned wholey by the purchaser, and not so “open source” as to relinquish control without contractual agreement(something yet to become more than moot, as a resultof tech advancements, and java bottom line’s dependence in many ways upon this ambiguity.
    finally, it establishes a microsoft-like monopolly(similar to the early nineties) that can potentally arm the growth in tech advancements, as the auto industry and the combustable engine(compiler) may do in a like manner over time.
    Maybe, I am only proving how little I do know about computers by writing all of ghis, and maybe I am too novice to completely understand what I am seeing, reading, and imagining capable in the run time java environment, pre-java platform(kernel), and how little we know of what mathmatics et discovered may revolutionalize the next generation of advancements we make inthe tech industry(especially considering the fiber optic increases in data speads forthcoming here in tempe, az. Which would only further enable, lets say, a computer user anywhere in the world, to char the bios of another computer in tempe, and then take advantage of any of those just outside the grid of fiber optics, who are snails paces behind discovery that their data may be actively consumed by others before they even recognize they have data which can be taken(data being a comodity nowadays) by a “pirating” scam to network alterior phone options from verizon, t-mobile, sprint, etc…)
    My imagination just boggles my own mind, and I fear these are just iceberg tips.

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