Which Career to Choose: Programmer Vs Administrator

The Science behind computer and computation has always attracted a mass of people from the career prospective. Jobs in computer technology are numerous ranging from hardware to software. In this article I will be discussing career as a Administrator as compared to career as a Developer (Programmer).

Programmer vs Administrator
Programmer vs Administrator

OK, I will tell the whole article from my point of view. About two years ago I used to think whether I should concentrate on Programming or Administration. I loved Developing and creating new things everyday so I make up mind to be a developer, then the very next question that came to my mind was which language should I go for.

Personally I liked C. Why C? because C was the first Programming Language. But from the market point of view, C was not in demand at all. So I thought to learn ASP.net, Java and Oracle. Even this learning process remained in my routine for a few weeks but soon I got disinterested in all the above said languages, C was my first love and no one forgets his/her first love.

It was time to move to the next semester where I was introduced to UNIX Operating system. I came to know that whole UNIX was written in C. Although they said UNIX was in our Syllabus but they taught Linux, as UNIX was neither free nor easily available.

I Got my way to C was there, the joy of creating new was there. Linux was something for which I could wake up daily and go to work happily.

Why should you choose programming from the career point of view?

  1. Because you enjoy the sense of creativity.
  2. Because you work for yourself and don’t bother for interaction with peoples directly.
  3. Flexibility to work from office or home.

Why should not you choose Programming from the career point of view?

  1. Less opportunity as a result of job outsourcing.
  2. Erratic hours
  3. Repetitive
  4. Sharp Deadlines
  5. Keep pace with changing frameworks and technology.

Why should you choose Administration from the career point of view?

  1. Always something different
  2. New challenges
  3. Controlling and coordinating with number of professionals.

Why should not you choose Administration from career point of view?

  1. Stressful working hours.
  2. Sometimes boring taking backups, restoring, fixing, installing, updating, scanning,etc.

A very famous quote in our world is:

A programmer gets famous when he does something good and an administrator if he does something bad.”

What point you should have in mind when choosing a particular career opportunity.

  1. You should choose the option you are comfortable, for which you can wake every morning happily.
  2. You can make money in any field you have mastered and should not depend upon the current market trend.
  3. You should do what you love else love what you do.

Both System Administration and Developer as a job is highly sought after by professionals. Both will remain in demand forever. My personal recommendation is to listen what your heart says and not to take decision what other insist or what the current graph says.

You are one, you are different. No one can be you, ever. Your career is not only a source of income, it should be your passion, your desire, your dream.

With all these I am signing off today and will soon be back with an interesting article. Till then stay tuned. Come visiting Tecmint.com for any recent update in the FOSS world.

So what should you choose as a Programmer or Administrator? do, tell us know your choice in our Comment Section.

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163 thoughts on “Which Career to Choose: Programmer Vs Administrator”

  1. HI Ravi,

    I’m working in Application support domain, which deals with maintaining a application always up and running and writing scripts to do automatation some tasks and tier3 email work . i have knowledge on unix commands , shell scripting,( perl too some times still not upto mark) these applications are running on unix sevrers. so i need to change the doamin.i got stuck in thinking wheather to move to development or others. Can you suggest which path i need to take for me for better futhur.

  2. Hi Ravi Sir,

    I have 7+ yrs experience in technical support field (windows). Now I am confused that where I need to go? As a IOS developer or ccna & ccnp or windows server. In which field I can earn more?

    • @Dipen,

      That’s huge experience in Windows platform and I strongly suggest you go for CCNA. If you have strong programming skills, you can go for iOS development, as the feature is mobile, so that you can get high paying jobs or even you can start your own venture to offer services on iOS app developments to clients..

      • Hi Ravi Sir,

        Thanks for your reply. I don’t programming skill so can I use my time to learn a programming language from the beginning like c,c++, swift for IOS or I go to CCNA and more? one more think I am planning to go to Australia so which field is better for my bright future?

  3. Hello Sir,

    I am a student of 6th sem, B.Tech. I have tried hands on programming. I like it, but somehow i don’t think i code so well. Assuming this, i stopped competitive coding. I have came 3rd in a coding competition on CodeChef for my own college, but when it’s about an open contest, i somehow cannot get a good rank. I have already done this for 6 months in the previous sem.

    I have taken up CCNA course, which i haven’t studied so well as of now. In place of studying networking, i took up a course on Linux. I am enjoying it very much. I have very less time left in hand, and i have got to continue with Linux and networking. But i do like developing in Java. What do i do?

    • @Madhavi,

      Difficult to answer, as you said you’re not good at programming and nor you have interest in coding, so its difficult to continue here, because coding involves lots of dedication, practice, patience and most importantly time..

      As for about Linux, most newbies found it easy and interesting, but Linux too is complicated when comes to SysAdmin level, you have to know about each technologies like RAID, LVM, KVM, Scripting, etc..If you are good at programming you can able to write shell script in Linux..

      For now, I suggest you to go for Linux Admin/Networking with scripting skills, these three enough to crack any job in Linux…

  4. Hi Ravi,

    I have 15 months experience as Security Admin in Wipro however, I always wanted to go for development. Is there any chance that i can go for development. Will it be good for my career in future. If yes, how can I pursue that path. Will I get considerably low package? If no, how to progress in my current job. Kindly Help..

    • @Raksha,

      Just wanted to know Security Admin in a Windows or Linux field? If you’ve any prior coding knowledge before you can easily switch to development field, but if don’t have any knowledge then its difficult to learn from scratch as it involves time and patience to learn.

      Else you can go for security certifications in the same field, here are some IT security certifications you can go through it –

  5. Hello Sir,

    I am from ECE stream I did my BTech in 2016 I want to get into IT sector but I am confused to choose the fields like networking or programming. Please suggest me thanks in advance.

  6. Dear Sir,

    Hope! You’re good. I’m Fazil having 2+ years experience on IT System Administration. Not Interested in Programming. My Question is,

    *System administrator or network engineer or technical support engineer*

    Which one will have the highest learning curve? Higher Package ? Which one has the more stuff? Which one have creative ENVIRONMENT?

    • @Fazil,

      All System/Network/Technical Engineer falls under same category as “Sysadmin” Jobs, all are same no difference, for example, a Sysadmin must have knowledge of Administration, Network and Support (Communication skills.).

    • @Sudheer,

      Automation itself is programming and administration itself keeping the program up. So both are good choice and have bright future..

  7. Sir I am pursing my MCA six semester, I don’t have much knowledge in programming and all, I am confused as what I should choose Programming job or administration job. So, sir please give me solution which field I choose for my internship and further. (sorry for bad English)

    • @Yogendra,

      As you doing MCA, so I suggest you to go for Programming, if you’re not comfortable with programming, go for Administration kind of jobs, but to be fact, both fields have good future, so its upto you which or what to choose..

  8. Dear Sir, I am also worried about that which field I join in my 3rd year because I love programming and I like database…

    Please guide me which specific path should i follow…?

    • @Zing,

      Both the platforms have greater career, its upto you what to choose as your career. I suggest you to go for Programming + DBA, as you already have interested in it..


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