How to Clone/Backup Linux Systems Using – Mondo Rescue Disaster Recovery Tool

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Ravi Saive

Simple Word a Computer Geek and Linux Guru who loves to share tricks and tips on Internet. Most Of My Servers runs on Open Source Platform called Linux.

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71 Responses

  1. shairalibaig says:

    hii sir tutorial was quite nice as i have followed it
    but do it for a live/centos server

  2. Kobi says:

    Do you know how to do this in Debian 7.7? I tried the following:

    sudo sh -c “cat mondorescue.sources.list >> /etc/apt/sources.list”
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install mondo

    When I ran “sudo apt-get update” I got the following output (I have removed lines that do not pertain to mondo):

    Get:4 7.1 Release.gpg
    Ign 7.1 Release.gpg
    Get:5 7.1 Release
    Ign wheezy/main Translation-en_US
    Ign wheezy/main Translation-en
    Ign 7.1 Release
    Get:6 7.1/contrib Sources
    Get:7 7.1/contrib amd64 Packages
    Get:8 7.1/contrib Translation-en_US
    Get:9 7.1/contrib Translation-en
    Get:10 7.1/contrib Sources
    Get:11 7.1/contrib amd64 Packages
    Get:12 7.1/contrib Translation-en_US
    Get:13 7.1/contrib Translation-en
    Get:14 7.1/contrib Sources
    Get:15 7.1/contrib amd64 Packages
    Get:16 7.1/contrib Translation-en_US
    Get:17 7.1/contrib Translation-en
    Get:18 7.1/contrib Sources
    Get:19 7.1/contrib amd64 Packages
    Get:20 7.1/contrib Translation-en_US
    Get:21 7.1/contrib Translation-en
    Get:22 7.1/contrib Sources
    Err 7.1/contrib Sources
    Unable to fetch file, server said ‘Failed to open file. ‘
    Get:23 7.1/contrib amd64 Packages
    Err 7.1/contrib amd64 Packages
    Unable to fetch file, server said ‘Failed to open file. ‘
    Get:24 7.1/contrib Translation-en_US
    Ign 7.1/contrib Translation-en_US
    Get:25 7.1/contrib Translation-en
    Ign 7.1/contrib Translation-en
    Fetched 125 kB in 15s (8,059 B/s)
    W: Failed to fetch Unable to fetch file, server said ‘Failed to open file. ‘

    W: Failed to fetch Unable to fetch file, server said ‘Failed to open file. ‘

    E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

    And when I tried to run “sudo apt-get install mondo” I only got this:

    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package mondo

    Any thoughts?

  3. Nico van der Walt says:

    I am trying to run a restore from USB.
    Operating system Centos 6.4 64bit.
    Same hardware for restoration.

    Ran the backup step by step like instructions and all was 100%.
    Created a boot usb from iso that was saved.
    Running command “nuke” and getting error (The mondorestore command was not found on your backup media)

    Please help..

    Thank you

    • Mohammed Abdul Qayyum says:

      Hi, I had this same Problem with bootable USB, after that i tried with the DVD its work for me.
      Try with DVD.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Mohammed Qayyum

  4. Tom says:

    Does Mondo backup/restore symlinks?

  5. reveal says:

    Great article definitely going to bookmark for future uses could always test this in a virtual environment with different flavors of Linux.

  6. Abhishek says:

    Hi ,

    I am trying to take clone of centos 5.5(final) using Mondo Rescue tool. I follow your steps as you shown but the process of taking clone is stop at “48%” . “Backing up filesystem” dialogue box show 48% since from last two hours.

    Please Help..!

    Thank You

  7. Gaurav says:

    I got two error/message while ran “mondoarchive” command on RED Hat 6 x86_64, selected DVD and then next all took default option:

    1. Error occured while archiving set 12, Please review logs

    2. Unable to write DVD Or Unable to Burn ISO

    Can you please suggest ?

  8. Rose says:

    Can you give an estimate how big the backup image will be say if the server to be cloned has 1TB of space?


  9. Gaurav says:

    Can you please suggest what if in case of we are using Linux in ESX (vMware) ?

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