25 Lesser Known Facts About GNU/Linux

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26 Responses

  1. Vamp898 says:

    > 3. Torvalds created Linux based on GNU General Public License (GPL). Perhaps Torvalds would have never written his own kernel if GPL would be having it’s own kernel and driver.

    GPL is a License, so its nothing a Kernel can be based on (i think you mean GNU)

    Also Linux was not designed on the base of the GNU Operating System, the opposide, GNU wanted to use Linux as their Kernel until their own is finished.

    Also a friend hat to convince Linus to release Linux under the GNU/GPL he did not wanted to in the beginning.

  2. I don’t see any lie as said on this article.
    One thing, on topic 3, the choosing of the license (according to the book: just for fun) was made after the creation of the Linux kernel. Linus chose the GPL license because he thought it was more interesting rather than other licenses.
    The rest is true. Good article!

  3. Luticus says:

    I just wanted to point out a little flaw in something you said regarding Windows Media Center. You said, “A PC entertainment system that comes with Windows 7 and later”, this is untrue. Media Center first appeared in Windows XP as Windows Media Center Edition and has has been a part of Windows through Vista and 7. In Windows 8 it is an additional add-on that must be purchased/installed separately.

    To the people screaming about “this program or that program” stop it… It is impossible for one guy to list every random alternative program. In fact I can think of tons that were missed, like kontact (KDE’s mail/calendar/contact suite). Kontact is great though it lacks Exchange support which is a let down. Evolution is probably the only real viable alternative to outlook as Evolution can actually connect to Exchange and can even sync your calendar.

  4. Aleksej says:

    > GNU Linux is the OS and it comes in several hundred flavours.


    > 11. Linux Torvalds has been honoured by naming an astroid after his name.

    Yes, both Linu_x_ and Torvalds, and GNU and Stallman.


    There is also a Free Software Street: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Software_Street

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